My Calves Hate Me Today.

Hey, I have calf muscles.

And, right now they are all, "um what the hell was that?"

So for Memorial weekend, we packed our tents, sleeping bags, and clothes-you-wear-in-the-dirt and headed to Sunset Beach to camp.

Sleeping in the dirt.  It's joyous.  Well, on top of the dirt with a thin nylon material separating me and the elements.

By elements I mean millipedes, and buried barf.  We'll get to that later.

But if you're going to camp, do it steps from the beach, it's amazing and kinda the best of both worlds.

And, by steps to the beach, I mean 873 steps to the beach.  Walking down from the top of the hill, not so bad.

You are so in awe of the ocean and the waves crashing and the acres and acres of sand, you don't even realize in order to get back to your family, the BBQ'ed hot dogs and ready-to-roast marshmallows you have to walk back UP.

I checked my pockets, nope didn't bring my cell phone to call my hubby and ask him to send help.  Or a crane.  Or a rescue helicopter.

What goes down, must come back up.

My thighs woke.  My calves woke.  After months of bed to bathroom to kitchen to car to mailbox to couch back to bed, my legs were all, "have you heard of easing into it?"

Good thing my walking partner (Hey Mary!) felt the same.  We both needed to stop and breathe hard. A lot. And cuss a little.  Here we are 2 days later and we both facebooked to eachother on how bad we hurt.  I was actually limping today.

Note to self...and others. Walk more.  And, if you're looking for a walking partner this summer, call me, I need the exercise.

Remember the buried barf I alluded to earlier?  Some little 9 year old boy, not mentioning any names, ate about 14 marshmallows, a candy bar, about 2 tsp. of sand, 2 Orange Crushes, and a full dinner not only 5 hours prior and spent the 3am hour poking his head outside our tent and puking on his shoes.  Thank goodness for daddy he grabbed the shovel and covered it up so the skunks and raccoons wouldn't come sniffin' around.

See, again what goes down, comes up.

I love camping.

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  1. Liz said...

    You know, my family went to Branson, MO over the weekend. While at Silver Dollar City, we started to go into Marvel Cave, a cavern located about 500 ft. under the earth. You enter it by walking DOWN about the equivalent of 10 stories of stairs. (No kidding.) The first several levels are pretty much STRAIGHT DOWN, super steep. After the first few levels, 2 of my kids chickened out, so I trekked back to the earth's surface & out to a bench to wait on the rest of the family with them. I was begging God for mercy about half way up. Good Lord those steep freaking stairs kicked my booty. I was light headed & sweating buckets by the time we got to the top. I think the steepness definitely added to the difficulty factor, but the number of stairs did it too. Either way, I'm way out of shape!

  2. Ranch Girl said...

    Hubby and I were just talking about those steps and how much our legs hurt after walking up them the last time we were there (quite a few years ago!)

  3. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Oh Im glad you loved camping LOL. My hubs wants to Vacation in Banff Canada which I hear is beautiful but he keeps hinting that he wants to camp for a couple of nights...what? Me...I already have the hilton programmed in my phone..I can't be too far from my blow dryer or I start to convulse...;)


  4. Unknown said...

    Nothing I can say or do is going to stop me from laughing my butt off at this post! hehe

  5. Heidi said...

    Better Mama than me. I don't do camping. I, mean, I'm no diva, but really, no electricity, toilets, thank you. Kids can just go bond with their Daddy on that one.

  6. The Mom Jen said...

    I call it taking one (or two) for the team. Next stay... Hotel!

  7. Meant to be Mom said...

    You go girl! Camping is not on my list of "must-do's", but sometimes us mommies have to take one for the team. If we can give birth, hopefully we can all survive a weekend in the woods :-)

  8. Mrs4444 said...

    Me, too! We went camping last weekend, too. If you get a chance, read my post from yesterday--it's funny!

    Oh, and nice visual of the 3am barf-fest. Poor shoes...

    Are you not doing TWT anymore?

  9. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    I like the feeling of slightly sore muscles but having painfully sore muscles just plain sucks!

  10. Anonymous said...

    I stumbled across your post searching for some comfort---to tell me that I am not that out of shape but going down 880 steps (40 flights) in 10 minutes was a work out....and then that the pain you feel 2 days later is normal...though excruciating! OMgoodness, I can't imagine the pain YOU two have from also going back up. I will hide my 42 year old face and deal with the pain. (How much longer???)mbsager

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