Your Job This Summer...

Two nights home.

In a row!

Two Monterey weekends, Friends, Drama, 2 lovely hotels, Monterey Bay Aquarium, a week in Sacramenthell, 1 crusty hotel, A's/Giants game, Papa's birthday, Pool Party....

Crazy busy.

Now the challenge this week is to really sink into a home routine now that school's out.

Juggling an 11 year old, a 9, and a 4 year old is freakin' WORK.

The 11 year old wants a car, a phone, and money.  The 9 year old wants to be outside on his bike, scooter, or swimming.  The 4 year old just wants to play dolls and house and birthday party and needs someone to play with her.  Every. Single. Second.

How do you solve this impossible equation?

I'm not Einstein, or that curly-haired guy from Numbers.

Did you know that  guy was also in The Santa Clause, as the head elf.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, I'm not a magician.

I'm just a mom.  Who needs an activity co-chair.

Inquire within.

There's no pay involved, only being a very special part of my summer sanity.


Okay, a slight reprieve, you can start next Monday.

Because this week is recital week and I've got a few days filled up.  Then there's Father's Day on Sunday.

And studio movie day tomorrow.

So your job is to keep me sane and the kids from burning down the house.

Because our neighbor may do that all on his own.

Another story.  Another time.

Bonus to you if you can find me something to do too.

On your marks, get set, go!

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  1. Ranch Girl said...

    Ah, yes, I totally understand!

  2. DQ said...

    You should write posts more often.

  3. Formerly known as Frau said...

    Wow....I'll take my move across the pond over your crazy life no going pass go etc..good luck!

  4. Michelle said...

    I am looking forward to the summer but a few weeks in maybe I'll change my mind.

    Lucky for me my kids are close in age and have relatively similar instrests and there are lots of kids in our neighborhood for them to play with.

  5. Me said...

    You and my husband should talk. He is a stay at home dad--with a 13 year old boy, and 9 and 4 year old girls. He is NOT having fun yet this summer. Especially when the 13 year old goes to a friend's house to swim, the 9 year old goes next door to swim and the 4 year old whines, "it's NOT FAIR!!!" over and over, so he has to blow up the seal sprinkler toy and almost pass out. Ok, so that isn't giving you anything to do, but I'm sure he would commiserate with you!

  6. Deanna said...

    Lol this is hilarious! Sounds like my life sometimes and I only have one child! Good luck...

  7. Merrie said...

    Wish I was off and we could keep them busy together! At least there are mom events some evenings. ;)

  8. Vanessa Rogers said...

    That sounds tough. Sorry, I might apply except, I'm in korea :) too bad. Sounds like a blast tho! Good luck with that!

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