Life Was Simpler in the Age of 8-Track Tapes

Midway through our 7 hour trip to Rancho Mirage, I pull out my trusty laptop to write.

A fairly new concept, thanks to my in-laws, the laptop goes with me everywhere now, just in case I have a brain twitch and need to get it in print before my mind swallows it whole and I forget about it 3 seconds later.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Limo windows.

I will give you full royalties if you just name it after me.

The Jen Window.

The invention I NEED to have made is for regular-non-stretch variety cars to offer an electronic window between the front of the car to the back.

Seriously, and we think driving while talking/texting on a cell phone is dangerous!

How about a four year old’s squeals of “I’m hungry, my turn on the DS, give me your iPod, and get your feet off my head!” piercing my eardrums at 2000 decibles??

Nevermind that she packed her own backpack of toys to keep her busy on the trip.

It’s still on the floor, zipped.

I’m not even driving and I want to stick the keys in my eyes.

And I forgot my earplugs.

I thought I’d be beyond this stage by now. But it gets worse with the tweens. Just wait. They will eat you alive.

I remember driving to Oregon when I was little, all I needed was the Grease Soundtrack on 8-track and I was good.

Grease was the word you know, and I loved me some Frankie Valli.

Bee-yoo-tee-school dropout….I can’t believe I never questioned what a hooker was when I heard that song at age 9. (hindsight glance into space)

I loved that green Audi we had too, everyone thought it was a Mercedes.

I didn’t tell them different either, not my fault they couldn’t read.


Oh hey, it’s sprinkling. And it’s 88 degrees out.

Chances for a cool down to about 109 in Palm Springs is possible people, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Hold on my phone….

Apparently the Grapevine doesn’t accept calls, I have no bars.

Sorry mom. Call you later.

It smells like wet pavement and McD’s pancakes now.

We just rolled down the windows so K could feel the rain and giggle.

Aw. See just when you pull the keys out of your eyes, the cherubic toddler does something completely adorable.

It all may go back to hell in a handbasket, I give it 10 minutes.

As we pass Six Flags Magic Mountain, a collective “awww!” comes over the car.

No we can’t go there, we’re going to fry in the desert and that’s final!

I will now stuff some leftover pancake in my ears and take a little nap.

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  1. Cheryl Lage said...

    YOu are hysterical! (and have brought back memories of when I had Pat Benatar and AC/DC's Back in Black on 8-track...Bliss!)

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hey, you know what's great about Grease? The life lesson. If girls want a cute bad boy, all they have to do is change everything about themselves they've ever known - dress like a hussy, smoke cigarettes, and be all suggestive. He'll be yours in no time flat.

    Amazing how different the movie seems now, 30-some years and two daughters later, y'know? It's still fun though.

  3. Jennifer said...

    #1 My husband and I were just talking about someone needing to invent the sound-proof divider window for mini vans last week!
    #2- I remember a summer riding all the way to Florida from Texas in the back of a Suburban with a friend listening to George Michael's " I Want Your Sex" and Meatloaf's " Two Outta Three Ain't Bad" alternately over and over and over. It occupied us in the back and the adults had no idea what we were listening to way in the back. Win-Win for everyone.

  4. Liz said...

    Wait...were you looking in my van windows when I drove to Branson & back a few weeks ago?

  5. KT said...

    We had a meltdown over Silly Bands yesterday. The anti-mom in me wanted to say "Jesus F'ing GD." Get over it. The mom in me patiently handed my cell phone to the little playdate friend so she could call her mom to deliver the silly bands in question so we could get the freak on with the playdate.

  6. Ms D said...

    Haha! Love this post :) It is funny you mention 8-Track Tapes. Me and my hubs were just cleaning out our shop today and we found a crap load of those suckers! Want them? LOL! I love the "stick the keys in your eyes" that totally reminded me of myself when my kids are acting sooooo horrible! Thanks for the giggle :)

  7. Spin Mama said...

    Oh, Grease was the best! I still remember when my babysitter brought over her Grease record for us to dance to. I had quite the awakening when I didn't see Grease for like 20 years, then watched it and actually heard all the lyrics to the songs. Whoa! (I missed all those references too)

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