Midday Wine and Melting in Palm Springs.

It's the middle of the day.

It's warm out.

The kids are in the Wade Lagoon in the backyard.

Mom's working.

I'm drinking wine.

[yellow tail] Tree Free Chardonnay.

In a virtual wine tasting event, you want my job don't you?

Just "tasting" not chugging.

Paired it with jalepeno cream cheese and wheat thins.

I was sent a free bottle of wine to taste and participate in this online event.

Did I mention it's noon?

It's a fabulous varietal not aged in oak, hence it's lighter, crisper taste with hints of grapefruit and melon.


I can't wait until it's after 5pm to attack the bottle a little more vigorously.

So what are we doing this weekend, again, as part as my job?!

Heading to Palm Springs.

We get the opportunity to try out this fabulous resort and write about it.

I think my first line will be, "Someone turn on the AC outside please!"

The forecast is 117 all weekend.


I didn't think that was humanly possible either.

Palm Springs may be a road to hell.

Luckily the resort has Spashtopia, waterslides, pools, and AC indoors.

If we don't make it back, you can find me in a puddle on highway 10.

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  1. noexcuses said...

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Yes, it will be hot, but stay close to the water. Right now, I'd settle for the dry heat if I could!

    I have fond memories of a "girls" weekend in Palm Desert, part of which was spend shopping in Palm Springs!


  2. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Both the wine and the getaway sound wonderful!!!
    Have fun;) Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. Anonymous said...

    You have the best job ever!

  4. Carol said...

    Stay out of the sun, even if you're in a pool. I once spent a summer day in the pool in Palm Springs, only to have a heat stroke. But not until I got into a restaurant for dinner. The good news: I came to with a wonderfully handsome hunk leaning over me (I was single then), who happened to be a doctor (all he wanted was dinner). Bad News: He had his wife with him and the heat stroke really messed up my evening.

  5. KT said...


  6. Liz said...

    How on earth do you find these blog review gigs?? I've only been offered book reviews! LOL!

  7. beth said...

    Be sure to drink lots of wine (I meant to say WATER...that was a Freudian slip)!

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