Hubby's Hobby, Of Course it Involves Dirt

How gorgeous is this?


One of the very neat things about the Lake Tahoe area that we love.

Our recent trip took us to Northstar at Tahoe, and hubby got his mountain biking on.

He and my friend's hubby took to the mountain and tore it apart for a few hours on Saturday, another path on Sunday. The boys come home with shaky insides, a pound of dirt in their shoes, and HUGE smiles.

Like Christmas morning smiles.

They have a blast, and I must admit it is thrilling.  I remember.

When I was in college, my hubby-then-boyfriend took me on a creek ride.  I'll have to dig up the picture, but we came back covered in mud.  It was awesome.

But, now I'm a mom and I fear for my life, so I stick to things like knitting and eating.  Leave the adventure to hubby.

Just watch a video of downhill biking and it will scare the daylights out of you. I do say a few prayers and wish the best before I send my hubby off into the wilderness of big rocks, tall hills, and dirt.

The first thing I ask when he gets back is, "did you crash, are you bloody?"  Almost everytime has been no, thank goodness.

Best part, is that when the boys get time to play...they pay it forward to the girls for our time.


Between biking and skim boarding, my hub's a stud, and as long as he's happy, I'm happy!

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  1. Sherri said...

    I love that you fear for your life and stick to knitting and eating! I would be right there next to you. The main reason I fear for my life as a mom is that hubby would be left to raise my kids alone!! He's awesome, but would make a lousy mom.

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