Dodge Ball Drama

Second year now that DQ has had a separate PE teacher.

That's what happens in junior high.

It's also a man, who apparently likes to talk on and on and on and on.

DQ has never had a male teacher until 6th and 7th grade PE.

It's a terrible combination.

85% of last year, the sport they played was Dodge Ball.

Aside from the ass-inine movie, I don't recall that being a sport.

It's an elementary school (think K-3) recess activity.

Why do I hear about Dodge Ball all the time?

Every day all year, they are playing "Nation" a fancy name for Dodge Ball.

DQ gets her glasses knocked off every time they play.

We see the optometrist frequently for adjustments.

Today I hear she was yelled at due to lack of participation.

Boys steal the ball when she gets it.

And apparently she's not good at the whole 'dodging' thing.

"Can you please discuss with the teacher that Nation/Dodge Ball is NOT a sport and it must be outlawed?" is what I'm supposed to do at Back to School night.

Seriously, there are other sports to play, soccer, baseball, basketball...come on, there's even square dancing...and dancing is something DQ can do!

Volleyball, badmitton, track, yoga?!

Even monkey bar races would take more skill than nailing eachother with a big red ball.

That apparently leaves a mark all day when you get hit in the leg from your own teammate.

She speaks from experience.

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  1. scargosun said...

    I am sorry, but I think 'outlawing' it is a little extreme. I actually liked it and I am a girl. I DO AGREE however that it is not something that needs to be played 85% of the time, not even 40% of the time. It sounds to me like this is one LAZY PE teacher that does not want to do lesson plans. My DH was a PE teacher and he was constantly finding new games and even making up some of his own. I am not even sure they played any one thing even 20% of the time. PE is about activity, hand eye coordination and learning about sports they will play when they get older. It's not all about dodge ball. Maybe someone needs to tell him that. ;)

  2. Mom said...

    Kids in our county don't get to play dodge ball. Too dangerous. Maybe you guys should move here! LOL. In the middle school, the favored curriculum seems to be running. Lots and lots of running. Guess that's easy on the PE teachers. No lessons plan needed to makes kids run. Sheesh! I think my oldest would have liked to trade you some dodge ball for some running.

  3. Michelle said...

    I've heard about schools banning it but I thought it was a little extreme. I never thought about girls wearing glasses getting picked on, not fun!

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