Of Friendship and Smiles with Teeth

This year my annual girlfriends weekend was put on hold.

On hold to 2011, February.

It was heartbreaking.

For six years, some of my best friends that have since moved from my town have gotten together for a long weekend.

We talk, we eat, we knit, laugh, craft, read, cry (happy tears), and just spend quality time together.

This year as in years past, our lives have gotten in the way.

It’s bound to happen, between the 5 of us we have 13 children.

Each of those kids have activities, sports, events that us moms must attend.

Not to mention other things like finances, childcare, and school.

I need my friend fix!

My friends are that special piece in my heart puzzle that make my heart full and lively.

They make me feel all girly and giddy.

And make me smile. Big with teeth.

And remind me to stick my chin out and pictures.

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with one of them and her family.

Love ya Moll!

It’s great, my hubby and hers love to mountain bike, the kids get along famously, and it was a great time.

Our girls roller-skated for the first time, little E tore her pants!

My Boy started his own website thanks to pal Bry!

We enjoyed great meals and afternoon mimosas and hibiscus The painful part is always saying goodbye. Just when it feels so good, so familiar, so special, we part ways.

I miss my girls, looking forward to our February trip. Let’s not skip another year EVER again!

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  1. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    We CANNOT go more than a year between trips! Glad you had fun with Molly :-)

  2. LaVonne said...

    What a great idea. I need something like that with my girlfriends :)

  3. Sherri said...

    I have friends like that....and we are all scattered across the country now. Sure miss those times!

  4. Carol said...

    Three years ago, a favorite friend, another friend and I spent a week on the coast. A wonderful week in May. I am so ready for another one!

  5. Mom said...

    I hear ya! I'm way past due for my girlfriends weekend.


  6. Gem said...

    yup, very hard now that everyone's married w/kids. in our gang--we all live on the same island, the most just 30 minutes away, and it's already hard for us to get together for the weekends! we have to plan our annual xmas get together months in advance!

  7. Michelle said...

    I keep trying to get my girl friends to do this! We've all been friends for 13+ years and would love a long weekend away together. Maybe I just need to start planning.

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