Random Sightings


Just when you think you've seen everything.

We were having pizza the other night and upon leaving the parking lot we noticed something.

Now I didn't have my camera, because we were just going to eat.

I wish I did.

There was a guy in his car.

The car was in the corner of the parking lot, by it's self.

The guy had on earmuffs.

And he was playing a trumpet.

With his windows down.

I had to do a triple-take.

We all started laughing and thought, what in the world?

So we pulled up beside him and rolled our windows down.

The song was actually pretty good, so i'm assuming he wasn't a beginner.

But, why there?  Why in the car?  I know why the earmuffs.

Maybe his landlord won't let him practice in his apartment?!

So random.

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  1. Sherri said...

    Ha ha! This past weekend we were enjoying a bike ride on the path that winds by the creek and through town. There was a guy playing his guitar, just sitting along the path, looking like he'd been kicked out of his house!

    He was actually pretty good, too...no earmuffs.

  2. Liz said...

    SO cool! I'll have to tell my daughter (the french horn player) about it. What a fun thing to see!

  3. Carol said...

    Random moments of beauty and humor.

  4. Ms D said...

    LMBO! How hilarious!

  5. Ann On and On... said...

    Desperate times call for desperate measures...or he is trying to get over his stage fright. :D

  6. Whiney Momma said...

    lol...maybe he was starting a new thing...no garage so just practice in the car.

  7. Michelle said...

    Oh my! I picture of this would've been too funny.

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