....and Forever to Go

Almost 19 years ago my hub and I met.

In college.

On one occasion he came into my dorm room with two other guys.

They were going around meeting (read: scamming on) all the girls on the different floors.

It was kinda slimy, yet intriguing. He was cute.

On another instance we were both in the elevator, I lived on the 5th floor, he on the 4th. Elevator meet ups happened a lot.

Him:  So you live in _________?
Me:  Yeah, so.
Him:  Well I live in _________, and I don't have a car. You do. You can give me a ride home some time.
Me:  (thinking this is the worst pickup line ever) Yeah, okay.

I was dumb.

But, I sorta enjoyed all the attention.

Did I mention he was cute?

Flash forward 19 years.

Maybe he wasn't good at small talk, but My hub has always had a knack for writing.

I have a box full of letters he wrote to me over the years, birthday and anniversary cards I saved.

Mostly were Snoopy cards, WHAT?! Snoopy rocks.

But, the sweetest thing was that at the end of all his writing, before he signed his name, he'd write the length of time we were together and the following words

___ ...and Forever to Go!

Whether it was our 4 month dating anny or this year's 14 year wedding anniversary the ...and Forever to Go hits me deep in the heart every. single. time.

Special. Personal. Sweet. Our Thing.

A few months ago, my favorite jewelry maker held a contest.

The rule was "design my next necklace and win it!"

My favorite saying had to go on this necklace.

What an honor it would be to win and wear this and retell our story over and over.

I won.

The gorgeous necklace comes adorned with a June crystal signifying our wedding month.

It's precious and I wear it with much love.

Thanks Kristen!

Thanks Hubby for the past 14 years 3 months and forever to go!

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  1. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    Very sweet ♥

  2. Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

    Love the story, the saying, the necklace, all of it!

  3. Unknown said...

    what a beautiful love story! Congrats on your win-the necklace is charming!

  4. Merrie said...

    I love it! My high school beau and I did that. "# of days/months/years down and forever to go." Very romantic! Of course, you were smart enough to stick with your sweet romantic guy.

  5. Carol said...

    How wonderful this post is - how wonderful that you share that relationship. I love it - "forever to go". Makes my heart sing.

  6. Ms D said...

    Very sweet!! Love the saying!! Congrats on the win :)

  7. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    That is so perfectly romantic.

  8. Ann Harrison said...

    So beautiful. To see those words on a card would melt my heart to, you lucky girl. He's completely lucky too!

  9. Michelle said...

    I love this necklace. Your saying is so sweet, I love it!

  10. Martha said...

    Beautiful love story. Gorgeous necklace. I love Kristen's work, they are they only necklaces I wear anymore!

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