Man vs. Tossed Underwear

After back-to-school night, my son was heart-set on heading to Ace Hardware.

He'd seen a Swiss Army Knife there for a great deal, and with our upcoming camping trip, needed to have something to whittle with.

So it was a lovely 80 degree evening and we decided to walk the couple of blocks.

Now this walk has us walking past a neighborhood as well as an open field. 

As you can imagine there is random stuff in the gutters, like a half-full box of Mike and Ike's that I had to pull my husband away from.

NO that's not free candy!

We walk a little further and my husband is picking something up.  STOP!

Now no, we're not in the slums or anything, I mean, he wasn't reaching for a needle or crack pipe or anything, but still EW, don't pick up garbage.

"Cool, Croakies!"  You know, those stretchy glasses straps that are made of wetsuit material.

Really? You NEED that?!

Even further down the street, I glance over and see a pair of men's underwear.

Men's underwear, tossed in a field behind my home.

Who? Why? What the?

How do you just lose your underwear? 

This field is near a 4 lane road, I don't see anyone gettin' it on in these parts without looky-loos.

So Hubby cracks a joke about how next time he's going to bring his backpack to collect all these treasures.

Who are you?

Then suddenly he has a new idea for a reality Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild, but in town...

Urban Bum Survival.

(imagine this is my hub's worst australian accent) First you take you Croakies band and wrap it around the men's underwear, and tie it on your head in the midday heat.  If you get hungry, Mike and Ikes will get you through until the McDonald's garbage cans are at capacity!

Sometimes I wonder about that man.


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  1. Mom said...

    OMG, LOL! Next time, DRIVE to the hardware store. There is too much there for a young boy to get into. Not to mention your son. LOL

  2. Carol said...

    Your hub obviously knows how to turn a walk into an adventure! How fun! Just don't let him in the house until you check his pockets.

  3. Liz said...

    LOL! Sounds as if your hubby & I (and my hubby too!) have the same crazy sense of humor!

  4. Anonymous said...

    LOL At least there's never a dull moment! =)

  5. Ann Harrison said...

    He has untapped potential!!! I love this.

    How about our husband's do a little "Urban Burn Survival" while we go have cocktails? :->

  6. MommaResa said...

    Omg, I love it. I'm so following you now... I've read two posts and I'm loving it. Sounds just like my family.

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