Now I'm Craving Cookies.

Ah, next week is the beginning of 3-day-a-week Preschool.

...wait...I think I just heard angels singing.

Come on, give me a break, it's been a long summer with my 3rd strong-willed child.

She no longer takes no for an answer.

It's our fault, as the third and last of our brood, she's spoiled rotten.

Oh but she's so cute!

But, rotten comes back and bites us in the tush.

Anyway, tomorrow is her school orientation and we had this sweet little discussion in the car recently.

K--Mom, what's OREOtation?

Me--I think you mean orientation.  It's where all the kids and parents come and meet the teachers and eachother before school starts.

K--But we already know the teachers.

Me--I know, but we may have new kids in the class this year, it's mostly for them.  We just get to go and say hi to our old friends.

K--I can't wait.

Me--Me either!

K--So, will there be cookies?

Me--(giggle/smile to myself--the OREO part of oreo-tation remember?!)...


Me--Um, I don't know honey.  I hope so!

Yikes, I think the kid will throw a fit tomorrow if there's not.

Mommy will be buying double-stuffed, for sure.

See, spoiled.

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  1. Merrie said...

    Aw, K at Methodist! Who's her teacher this year? I miss that place. I wanted to have a 3rd just so we could go there still.

  2. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    Too funny! I'm with here though - I'd be wanting to know if there will be cookies too :P

  3. Carol said...

    She has her priorities straight. Cookies are important when you're getting to know one another.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Oreos ROCK! Mmmm, now I want some too!

  5. Jennifer said...

    Mine starts preschool on Tuesday (5 days a week!!) we went to meet the teacher this past Tuesday and she was NOT well behaved. I think I might get phone calls. **SIGH**

  6. Spin Mama said...

    I think she's onto something! If Nabisco found out about Oreo-tation, they could hijack every ice cream social in the country! (And now I want cookies too)

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