Forget the Cake...

Of course after 2 weeks of a late summer and 90 degrees it rains on our camping weekend.

No big deal, drizzles in the evening and then rain at checkout, just make for some muddy and sandy clothes, we have to do laundry anyway.

Hubby's birthday is actually today 10/18 and he is 37. 

Finally caught up to me, I like having a younger man, ha by 8 whole months.

I've baked some triple chocolate brownies for him, as well as prepped the enchiladas he requested.

Of course we still have 2 hours of soccer and 3 hours of dance to get through, and I'm starved the kitchen-- smells yum.

Last year we were in Tahoe and my husband was battling pneumonia, so we're doing well this year.

I even did the dishes...his comment, "whoa, is it my birthday or something?"

Yes, yes it is.

Don't get used to it.

He never asks for anything, but I still quiz, "what would you like for your present?"

No pause, no "oh nothing, I don't need anything, I have everything I need" b.s, straight and to the point.

You see our current car took all of us plus a friend camping and we overloaded the roof and the kids were buried by sleeping bags.

Time for a change.

With this hitch we can attach a trailer and then wheel the whole gizmo straight into the campsite. 

And we can acutally breathe in the car.

And not risk losing our cooler on Hwy 1.

Makes sense. 

He also said, "No cake, brownies."

Well then, triple chunk is the new cake.

I can handle that...though I'm worried a bit my husband's getting a little more high maintenance. 

It's old age.

I'm sure of it.

Because I'm the same way.

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  1. Beverly said...

    Happy Birthday to your hibby! Isn't it so much nicer when they tell you something rather than , "nothing" or "any old thing"

  2. Ann Harrison said...

    Ah yes! Embrace the maintenance!

    Happy Birthday to your dear Husband. Here's to another year of good health and much happiness.

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