Of Pyros, Clouds, and Prayers

I always enjoy the show in the sky.

Camping, the only blue we saw...
well I saw it, no one else was paying that much attention I think.

They were busy being pyromaniacs.

Fire is fascinating to kids.

I'm pretty sure they burned everything they touched in the fire ring, p.s. plastic bakery containers reek when afire.

I kept my focus in the sky.

Plus, the impending rain both scared and excited me.

I don't pray often in the biblical sense (long story).

But, this day I had just wished that it wouldn't pour in the middle of the night, then drip through the tent and soak us...it happened before!

Then I looked up in the sky and had a feeling I was being heard.

A small wish, granted.

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  1. Carol said...

    Yes, surely you were heard. Gorgeous skies you caught!

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