Phew, No Hugging the Toilet Last Night

Drive-thru restaurant playlands give me the heebes.

Yesterday a very sweet neighbor invited my son to lunch at a local establishment and also play on the equipment.

Out of the 3 kids, I think only my oldest has had the opportunity to do this under my care.

Only because it was before I learned places like that harbor every germ known to man.

They should put antibiotics in the kids meals, ick!

After a few trips with DQ and 2000 ear, sinus, and stomach infections later I swore I would never take my children there again.

I've held up my end of the promise.  Though I cannot keep friends and family to take them unbeknownst to me.

When the invitation came yesterday, I sucked up the urge to scream, HELL NO and allowed my son to head into infections-r-us.

I did have to give my 2 cents by saying, "oh I'll hose him down when he gets home!" to the neighbor's grandma who probably thought I was joking.

The other kids were even shocked I allowed it.

"No Fair!" they exclaimed while I answered, "I'm saving you from hugging the toilet tonight, you're welcome!"

2 hours later when he came home probably ready to sprout hand-foot-and-mouth, I directed him straight to the shower.

The smile when he came out of the bathroom went from a huge-relief-smile to a scowl in seconds.

He was wearing the same clothes he had on before.

His head was wet.

I heard the water running just minutes before.

"What's up dude? What are you wearing."

Well I didn't wash my hair, but I did soap up.

"Um, WHAT?! Small animals can still be alive on your head! And, what's the deelio with your clothes, I think I see a bed bug on your shorts!"

Mom you're overreacting.

Well maybe, maybe his immune system is better than I thought.

Maybe I should get over this phobia.

Time to push the kids out of their bubbles into the real world.



...bedtime arrives and I hear mom, my stomach hurts!

"SEE, the germs have gotten you.  I told you so!  Had you burned your clothes and shampooed that hair you would have been fine!!"

Luckily he went to bed and no midnight buckets were needed.

No camping by the toilet was necessary.

But, sometimes there's a span between infection and breakout.

Tell me, I'm not overreacting. Please.

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  1. KT said...

    I had someone tell me they forgot something in the front pocket of their airplane seat this week. Without thinking I inadvertently made mention of the fact that they basically lost their belonging in a pocket of germs and would they really want that back?

  2. Carol said...

    Ummmm. I would love to tell you you're not over reacting, but I really cannot. Schools are a mass of germs, you know. So - sorry - but you're over reacting. Gotta get those kids out of the bubble so they can develop their immune systems.

  3. Paige said...

    As nasty as schools are, all filled with snot, I cannot imagine Playland will take him down

  4. Molly said...

    Exposure to germs is what makes our systems stronger. That is why the flu shots work....

    But, I am not going to tell you that you are over-reacting ;)

  5. Laura Marchant said...

    I think I agree with you. They are a breeding ground for germs!

  6. Michelle said...

    You are overreacting :-) germs fly around schools like crazy. I guess we each have our own thing but I love the entertainment the play places provide, germs and all.

  7. The Mom Jen said...

    While school does have probably 100X the germs, it's a place we cannot avoid, playlands we can. ;)

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