Is This Week Over Yet??

Is it Thursday already?  It's been a strange week.

I'm all out of whack.  Monday, K's soccer practice was cancelled due to soggy fields.  Didn't stop husband and my boy from having their practice (different coaches, different theories on "how wet").

Tuesday, I played worker/commuter mom and headed to Safeway headquarters for a blogger event.  Dressed and ready and on the road by 8am in light traffic for an hour.  Heard about the Just for U program (check it out at that launched this week in No.Cal, went on a shopping spree, then back in traffic for an hour-20 home.

Hello road rage.  I bow down to anyone who has to commute daily, that messes up the mind. And I only did it once!

I get into town to visit my youngest at ballet/tap class.  It's observation- and Halloween week, so she's dressed in her Ariel costume.

I expected smiles, but I had a daughter with a very concerned look on her face as she did her batmas and ron de jons.

I noticed 2 things:  daddy didn't brush her hair at ALL that day, and that her costume was pinned up.  Yeah, I knew it was a little long in the fin.

But, that was bothering her. When we got home, she CRIED her costume was too big and she needed another one, TODAY! 

A cookie to soothe the crying, we moved on to My Boy's dilemma.  He needed a full-topographical map of California due Thursday.  He tells us this on Tuesday.  Everyone else's in his class are done.

Has a complete meltdown with dad that he needs to start is ASAP, here's the recipe for playdough for the model, and GO!

Lucky for my son, his dad helped him make every valley, mountain, and lake on that model, helped him mix the paints and sent it off to school today.

Wednesday-coldest day this fall, the heater kicks on.  I can't warm up for the life of me all day.

Luckily it's beer and pizza night for the Giants/Rangers World Series game 1.  Win-Buzz-Warm.

So now it's Thursday.  I'm awoken to the alarm going off because someone (I won't mention her name) left the house and put it on the setting as if no one was still in bed with a toddler kicking her.

Coffee and then computer time finds me SYSTEM RESTORING the whole laptop due to a blue screen repeating something like "i'm a virus and i'm going to eat your blog" a million times.

It worked, so thank you husband for teaching me one way to fix everything on the computer.

What will Friday bring?  Hopefully the start of a fresh new week.

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  1. MrsSki said...

    This week has felt extraordinarily long to me too!

    Oh and I lost my mind years ago then...I've been commuting about a hour (or more depending on traffic)both ways to work for the last 4 years. I've definitely lost all of my marbles and shouted at more vehicles than I can count!

  2. Carol said...

    There are those weeks, aren't there? The good news is they make us really appreciate the good ones!

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