Halloween Hangover Complete with Sour Patch Puke

I say down with the whole "Halloween gives you the pukes" theme of the holiday.

Every year, one of the kids takes in just one too many Sour Patch gummies and out it all comes the next day.

Not to mention our dryer died, so any pukey laundry I do, I still have to deliver it in wet form to my moms to dry. Glorious.

Luckily, the sad state of schools has our district closed today, I'm at least spared toting a 4 year old all around town for dropoffs/pickups and activities.

K was a darling Barbie Fairy Princess.

My son went as a GI Joe Ninja and oldest was a dancer (really big stretch).

Over the weekend we did finally get to a pumpkin patch, albeit 2 hours away in Half Moon Bay. The city has a pumpkin patch on every corner!

Though she settled for a mini pumpkin in the end, a rare smiling shot!

Love pumpkin patches with all the extra fun stuff.

Face painting.

This pony was named Bingo.

The slide jumper was the biggest hit.

Despite the candy hangover, it was a great weekend, and bonus points that the Giants are leading 3 games to 1 in the World Series!

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  1. Carol said...

    Love your photos. Halloween is a big deal when your kids are little, or when you're like my adult daughter who loves Halloween best. We do nothing because we're old. And because we don't get trick or treaters here. We're too out in the sticks.

  2. Marni's Organized Mess said...

    Youre photos are great! I LOVE them!

    Happy Fall!!

    Did you see? Marni's Organized Mess is on Facebook now! Will you "like" me? ;-)


  3. Anonymous said...

    I miss pumpkin patches!! We dont have them in this tiny town.

  4. Beverly said...

    What a beautiful fairy princess! great pics, looks like a fun family day :)

  5. Whiney Momma said...

    Beautiful family! Hmm...sour patch puke...gross...

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