Are We Still Talking Puke?


Fortunately, it wasn't me despite spending the last 4 days in utter pain.

Stomach flu, but after blood work and an ultrasound ruled out stones and bacterial infections.

Unfortunately, it was my son.

When did this occur?  THAT is a mystery!

Last night DQ asked for an extra blanket for her bed.

My ever-sweet son offered one of his comforters since he runs hot at night on the top bunk.

As I pulled the white blanket off his bed, I saw it.

A smear of orange-ish, tan-ish gunk spread over the corner.

I froze.

I knew immediately what it was and I wretched.




Though I knew, I rapidly calculated days in my mind and tried to come up with when the last time My Boy had the pukes.

Nothing came up.  K was sick last month.  I was just sick, but the worst kind where you're nauseous all day but can't or won't throw up.

No one else sleeps in that bed.

Oh I know.  When we went camping.  That was the last time.  But, this blanket didn't go.

It looked new.  It wasn't.

Why I thought touching it was going to be okay, I did and it was like that plastic fake-vomit.  It was like crystallized in its original form.

I heaved.

I gagged.

My husband had to take it from me to put in the washer.

The smell was overwhelming.

My Boy says, "No WONDER I've had a headache the last few days!"


Had he gotten sick in the middle of the night, and then fellback to sleep? 

And, when?

How could we have missed this?

Baffling.  Disgustingly baffling.

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  1. Michelle said...

    He still couldn't remember? Oh no!

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