Death and Life

I recently heard about a death of someone we knew.

She was a first cousin of my dad actually.

So my second cousin, though we weren't very close.

She worked for one of my doctors, so I did see her annually, at least.

Around town, she was always friendly, always asked about my family and my parents.

Smile on her face, always.

She passed away the day after Thanksgiving.


Only 47 years old, two kids, grandkids.

It's bothering me.

Mortality bothers me.

I can't shake the feeling of doom for days after hearing things like this.

It's the holidays, no one should be experiencing a death in the family.

There's no good time of year though.

It's just not fair.

Makes you stop and revisit all those stupid little things that we're all worried about, complain about, obsess about.

Life's too short.

Embrace what you have.

I know that I have to take my own advice.


On the flip side, one of my friends just got engaged.

She SO deserves the lucky man she is with!

They both have daughters that are friends with DQ, they are already like sisters!

I'm so thrilled for them!

I needed to hear this blessing after a tragedy.

The 'ol circle of life.

Hug your loved ones tight today!

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  1. mama's smitten said...

    It does suck ! I just got back from a memeorial service for a sixteen year old :(

  2. Pam L. said...

    Yes, the Ying and the Yang of life...Sorry to hear about the death in your family. I gasped when I read that she was 47 - that's my age! My kids are only 14 & 11, I want to be around for another 40+ years! Your cousin must've had her kids early to already have grandchildren!

    Yeah for your friends engagement! Sounds ideal that their daughters get along so well.

  3. beth said...

    When others die that are close to me in age, that really affects me, too. Living life to the fullest in the best medicine!

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