Liquid Encouragement

Friday was my mom's last day of working.


She's retired now and some of her coworkers, friends, and I took her out for a night on the town.

And, by the "town" where we live, it's biker bar-sports bar-karaoke bar.

We live in hicksville.

Anyway, we started out at the biker bar.

My mom slammed two Patron shots to my one girly Cosmo.




Okay, after I got over that shock, high-fived moms, I had cosmo two and three.

Next we walked down the street to the sports bar and had mozzarella sticks and burgers.

And, I took in 3 Coors Lights.

Let's remember we started early.  It was after work, now, we're closing in on 8pm.

Our last stop was to go hit up the karaoke bar.

Laugh, drink some more, and possibly snicker at the monotone lady singing, "Splish Splash."

Seriously, you have to have some range when you sing that song!

3 more Coors Lights later, I have the microphone in my hand and I'm singing "Honey I'm Home" by Shania Twain.

Apparently I signed myself up.

I hear the singing, but I can't believe the sound is coming from me.  I hit some high and low notes and my mom and friends are all cheering me on.

I kinda rock at this.

I think.

I really hope I wasn't like Mrs. Monotone.

Was I nasally?

Later, I'm chatting with a friend and she mentions Stevie Nicks and I'm not real familiar.  Pretty soon, the microphone is back in my hand and I'm singing "Stand Back" really trying to focus on the words that I barely know!  More cheers and hoots.

How was I singing that song, oh that friend was too shy.

I look around and not to many laughs or people pointing in horror.

Pretty soon I'm texting my husband and friends, "OMG I just sang Pink's "Get this Party Started" and "Man I feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain.

Who am I?

How am I doing this?

Is anyone else singing, am I hogging the microphone, did I bring my own?

What is the DEAL?

I only sing in the shower or when I'm alone.

Or in the car, alone.

Not in front of people, especially drunk strangers.


Oh right, it's my liquid courage.

Man, I sorta wish someone would have had a video camera.

Next time for sure!

I mean, when my friends are singing.


I think.

3 supporters in group:

  1. Unknown said...

    I always tell people that I would not wish my singing on my worst enemies...Unless I'm drunk...I feel your pain...Oh do I feel it!

  2. Beverly said...

    Congrats to your mom! maybe the liquid encouragement made you lose your fear and you sounded amazing or at least you sounded amazing to yourself and a bunch of drunks :)

  3. Betty Lou said...

    I have never been glad someone had a video camera while I was singing karaoke. It's just better to keep it as a pure memory and not defile it with actual footage. ;-)

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