Tough Lessons to Learn

Last month I blew up.

DQ was invited to a Christmas party and it was a gift exchange.

We gave some thought to a gift  and sent her on her way.

When we picked her up, she had a light saber in her hand.

"What the heck is that?"

Well it was her gift in the exchange.

It wasn't random, each girl drew another girl's name, so why a seven year old boy's gift?  Ridiculous, I was fuming.

"Who picked your name?"

Like a tween, I got a shoulder shrug and an "i'm fine with it."

I'm sure she wasn't fine because she tried pawning it off on her younger siblings and even they didn't want it.

I facebooked about it and found out via the friend grapevine that my daughter said once in passing that she WANTED a light saber for a gift.  As a joke I'm sure, but someone was listening and that's what she got.  While other girls got nice gifts like cozy blankets and necklaces.

Be careful what you wish for, Lesson One.

Last night we went out to Chinese food.

DQ does not like Chinese unless it's from Panda Express.

We didn't go to Panda Express, so her plate was left bare while we ate and she read on her iPod.

We get home and after an hour of complaining she was starving, she decided on Easy Mac.

It says right on the container, EASY.

She was so flustered and hungry and god forbid she was having a conversation with me at the same time, she put the mac in the microwave and waited.


We go into the kitchen and stop the timer and what do you know.

The container and the macaroni was melting in the microwave, smoke immediately poured throughout the house.

Between hacking, we ask what happened.

Oops, forgot to put the water in the cup.

Don't skip steps when cooking, especially when starving.  Lesson 2.

More drama ensued when the only thing left for her to eat (because she's picky) is Spaghetti-O's.

Last time she saw spaghetti-o's was in the toilet after she threw up from the stomach flu.

"I'm sure it wasn't the food that made you sick, you just had a virus!"

After plenty of whining and screaming, she ate them.

And didn't vomit.

You'll eat anything if you're starving enough and it most likely won't make you sick. Hopefully.  Lesson 3.


I don't ever want to relive the tween/teen years again.

It's hard enough being an adult, learning how to deal with the lessons the tweens learn.

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  1. Pam L. said...

    Oh, I feel your drama too, mama! In my house resides 2 girls, a tween age 11 1/2 and an almost 15 yr. old. In Dec. my 11 yr. old participated in a gift exchange/name draw, also. When I found out what she wrote down for an idea, I went all Linda Blair(ish). She wrote a new lunch box. Now we had just donated 2 lunch boxes to yard sales, we have 2 never used lunch boxes we picked up for extras at back to school time in addition to the one she currently uses for school that is still in decent shape. We/she needs a new lunch box like we need a hole in our heads - NOT! This kid loves to bake - could she not have said cupcake or baked goodies supplies??? When I asked her why she wrote a (stupid) lunch box, she said she couldn't think of anything else. Thank God the mother knew better and got her a craft/plastic lanyard/bracelets making kit. LOL!

    And the other week, my almost 15 yr. old gave me a run for my money when she threw a toddler like crying fit because I was insisting on a school morning when it was pouring rain that she wear weather resistant shoes (cute, in my opinion, black snow/rain type boots with faux fur lining from Target) instead of her ($45) converse tennis shoes - that we paid for. She did not want to be seen at high school wearing those boots. Well, I did not give in, despite the tears, and she was so not happy with me and complained about me to all her friends, but her shoes/feet stayed dry and the tennis shoes were not ruined! Yeah for small victories! Yes, I'm quite familiar with girl drama!

    Love following your blog!

  2. Michelle said...

    How frustrating! We had a easy mac incident like that but it was when B was 4 and tried to make it while I was upstairs in the shower and didn't ask. It was so bad I had to throw up the microwave. The smoke and melted plastic smell would not come out.

  3. Stacy Uncorked said...

    I am SO not looking forward to the tween and teen years with Princess Nagger. This post (and all the lessons learned) was like looking into the future. I fear I'll go bald yanking my hair out by the roots in a few years. You're my hero. ;)

  4. Heather said...

    Sounds familiar, and she's ahead of my tween in years...I got a long row to hoe ahead of me...

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