My Valentine's Day Wish

Today is Valentine's Day.

I sent two of 3 children off to school with store-bought cards and Pixie Stix because, frankly, the other moms do too!

At the preschool level, there is a pre-arranged menu of healthy treats and milk, no need to show off your baking skills or lack there of.

I'm in the lacking department anyway so PHEW.

My son doesn't even know if they had to bring cards, so I'm thinking no big party at the 4th grade level.

So again, I'm not missing out trying to bake brownies in the shape of cupid covered in sprinkles, only for them to turn out looking like a pile of cupid's poop.

Double PHEW.

The kids nonetheless come home with ginormous bags of candy and cards, that sometimes are not even signed, and are way more interesting than krispy treats with googly eyes.

K and My Boy will do a candy trade, while DQ whines that being a middle schooler gips you on all the candy-related holidays.

Which it does.

But, to get even she'll go "oooooh, she loves you!" to all the cards My Boy gets from females in his class.

He'll then throw an open Pixie Stix at her, sugar will get in her eye, and then I declare all the candy is mine, the kids will all cry themselves to sleep at 6pm, and hubby and I will enjoy the Bachelor with a bottle of wine and all the candy we can eat.

Happy Valentine's Day to US!

Well, at least I hope it turns out that way.

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  1. Pam said...

    i'm stuck with all the kids home on valentine's day cos they're out for lincoln's birthday as well as the 3-day weekend next week for president's day. something is wrong w this picture lol

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    Our school stopped doing 2 Mondays and now they are out ALL next week for President's WEEK!

  3. mama's smitten said...

    Ha! I sent Fundips! Happy Valentines Day !

  4. Merrie said...

    Have fun tonight with your Valentine! And I sent the kids with Laffy Taffy and Tootsie pops. :)

  5. The Mom Jen said...

    LOL Lisa K got 2 fundips, a handful of other Pixie stix, and tons of other stuff.

    Only one homemade card, phew. ;P

  6. Michelle said...

    Too funny!

    My special treat for the kids was a heart shaped box of chocolates each. No sooner did I give them to the kids did my youngest drop her entire box on the street and burst into tears. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

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