The One Where I Marry My Phone and is the Maid of Honor

So I've been addicted to my iPhone.

It doesn't leave my side.

It has it's own blankie.

I treat it like it's a egg in my pocket.

Like a newborn.

One without dirty diapers or colic.

Yeah, disturbing, I know.

Plus i'm addicted to Instagram.

It's like Photoshop, but funner.

It's social media meets photography, meets daily life, meets, blogging, meets Godzilla.

Or something like that.

And it's for iThings (Touch, Phone, Pad....)

I love taking pictures, I love photo editing, and I love my phone, which can do it all.

*give me a moment while I marry my phone*

Some of the fun I've been having:

Puffy white cotton.
Rainbow dreams.
Daddy/daughter pedicure time.
Pitching practice.  Alternatively titled, "man that field has a lot of trash on it!"
But dad, I'm tired and hungry and want all your attention and I don't know why i'm crying but WAHHH.
Happy Haircut. Alternatively titled, I can't keep crumbs of my lips.
My new shirt.

On that boob.  I mean note.  I'm out.

5 supporters in group:

  1. Pam said...

    cute pics! but haha that tee is too funny :o)

  2. Leanna said...

    Ha!! LOVE the shirt! And I am SO addicted to both also! My phone is also my baby...handled with care and always by my side!

  3. Molly said...

    Instagram totally rocks, but I don't have the same filters you do...i think I need to research that!

  4. Michelle said...

    I've never tried Instragram, I'll have to check it out.

    Your shirt is too funny!

  5. tiff said...

    Your daughter's mouth crumbs photo is TOO CUTE! Such big eyes!

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