Self-Portrait Saturday


Not a fan of the self-portrait.

Mainly because I think I'm super un-photogenic.

So then I'm that person who self-sabatoges every photo opp by making an even HORRIBLER expression.

Then the pic comes out uber-duber gross.


I make up words all the time.

Do I look like an English teacher? (Hi Molly)


Here I am.

Not smiling with teeth.

Wait, I don't think I'm smiling at all.

This is my smolder.

Mainly because I didn't wear my top retainer when I was a teen.

So my teeth have gone back to their original jacked-up selves.

I was such a rebel.

That's why I had my daughter's retainers cemented to her mouth.

Okay the bottom one the orthodontist did on her own.

The top one we pay her in Red and Pink Starburst to keep on for hours a day.

Those braces aint cheap. (sorry Molly).

People have said to me lately, WOW your hair is LONG.

Yep, my parents made me have the Dorothy Hamil haircut when I was a kid.

AKA...I looked like a boy.

So now my hair is going to grow as long as Rapunzel.

Or until I get it cut and highlighted next month before our Maui trip.

Or until I get a CAH-RAZY idea and do THIS again,

So there. Me in a photo. It won't happen again for a long time.

Or until our Maui trip.

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