I have I.D.D.



How does this happen.

DQ mentioned I hadn't posted in weeks which isn't right, but yeah, time to catch up.

Got home from the most relaxing, romantic, and dreamy working vacation ever on Sunday.

To cold.



I am wearing so many layers.

Wearing my Uggs.



So not like last week where I was all smiles and never wanting to get out of the ocean.

It's June California, where's the desirable weather?

I sure didn't bring it back from Maui.

I did bring back 3 colors of sand, souvenirs, and lifelong memories.

I want to go back.

I want to live there.

As soon as I find hubby a job, we're moving.


Probably not.

But, ugh...wouldn't that be just amazing.

*zoned out here with daydreams and drooling*

Today's forecast?

Rain and thunderstorms.

I want the sun back.
It's awesome rising atop of Mauna Haleakala at 5:45am.

It's stunning setting over Molokai while on a dinner cruise.

I only wonder how the people that live there concentrate.

I came home with I.D.D.

Island Deficit Disorder.

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  1. KT said...

    The mom in me thought IDD was I Didnt Do it.
    Sorry about your less than desirable welcome home.

  2. Pam L. said...

    Oh wow! Thanks for this post because you diagnosed me, too! We went to Honolulu, HI about 1 week before you did and I have had such a hard time getting back into a groove at home. I don't really want to do the laundry or cook. I still have 1 suitcase full of clean clothes that we returned with and need to be put away (because I always tend to overpack anytime I travel - just can't help it - 3 girls need outfit choices depending on our activity of the day - lol!)

    sigh...if the clothes are still in the suitcase I think my brain feels like we'll be going back to Hawaii very soon. Sadly - no definite plans to do that as the next vacation the kids want to visit Orlando for Harry Potter and Disneyworld.

    Must go tackle those chores! Sending you island breezes!

  3. Jennifer said...

    Beautiful pics!! I love the beach and hope to visit Hawaii one day myself!

  4. delven5 said...

    It reminds me of a heart-rending dialogue from Doctor Who I rewatched recently. If you know her, she's Sarah Jane Smith: "You know what the most difficult thing was? Coping with what happens next. No, with what doesn't happen next. You took me to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, you showed me supernovas, intergalactic battles and then you just dropped me back on Earth. How could anything compare to that?"

    "All those things you saw, you want me to apologize for that?"

    "No! But we get a taste of that splendor and then we have to go back."

    *sigh* Yes. Having to return, not to reality, but to normality.

  5. Charlene Kuser said...

    It looks like you two had a great time.Nice pictures and love the one
    of the two of you.You look so happy
    and content with the world.It seems
    like every time I plan to go somewhere something happens and I just to make the most of it.


  6. E said...

    beautiful pictures! :]

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