Dear Kids, About Ditching You Next Week...

Dear DQ, My Boy, and K,

I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but dad and I are heading to Maui on Sunday.

Although you will not be joining us, I want you to know that we love you.

One day I hope you will love a spouse so much that after 15 years of marriage you want to spend a week alone together in a beautiful place.

In those 15 years we created 3 wonderful children in you and we are nothing but proud.

You are amazing kids, smart, beautiful, loving, and there is nothing in the world we love more.

Don't be sad.  Sure you will miss us.  But, we wouldn't be going unless we knew you were in the best hands possible that aren't our own.

Grandma and Grandpa love you like we do and will keep you safe while we are away.  I know and trust that your needs will be met with more attention and love that we give you during this week, please appreciate that as much as possible.

Don't for a minute think that we won't miss you.  We will.  I know we will talk about you and think about the next time we visit Hawaii we'll have to show you....x, y, and z.

Moms and Dads like us need this time to reflect on the time we've spent together and how the two of us evolved into wonderful family.   We need to remember that it was it was our love that came first and in order for that to continue to grow, we need to nourish the roots.

This week will give us that extra energy, that extra strength, and extra rest that we need to come home and be better parents to you.  I hope that this time shows you that dad and I love eachother enough to make our family the best it can be.

Even if you don't understand now, I know you will eventually.

Please give grandma and grandpa the love and respect they deserve.  They are so gracious in helping us out this way, we want them to know how much we love and thank them for this opportunity.

They do this for us because they care and want to spend time with you, to know and love you as we do.

Please behave, don't get angry or mad at eachother, consider this a super sleepover.  You know grandma likes to spoil you with treats, so earn them.  Help them around the house and make us proud.

If you are a little like me when I was a kid, I'm sure you'll make a phone call or 10 to us, just to say hi, hear our voice, and see how our day was.  It's okay.

But don't forget about the 3 hour time difference.

We don't want the time to go by too fast, but inevitably it will and we will be home before you know it.

Just think of it like we're at science camp.

Cocktail science camp with a touch of waterfall ecology, and lots of vitamin D therapy integration.

I always wanted to go back to school.

Love Mom (and Dad)

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  1. Pam L. said...

    Wishing you safe and easy travels and a great vacation. We were in Hawaii this month, too - visiting Oahu for a Navy reunion for my husband. However we took our 2 girls ages 15 & 11, so it was not the romantic getaway that one thinks of in a Hawaiian vacation - lol! Our weather was kinda yucky - very overcast and rainy for the first few days, then hot/humid with clouds still/some sun the other days, the tradewinds were missing...and the kids weren't perfect either, but it was Hawaii and it was still beautiful so I consider it a really good vacation and we didn't get to everything we wanted to see, so we hope to go back, too! Have a relaxing time, look forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. Gladys Parker said...

    Awe what a great letter. I write to my children to. I'm a single parent so I have only had 1 3 day vaca but I know the anticipation. I was worried more about us missing each other than we actually were I believe. I hope you have a wonder, safe time and enjoy every minute of it!
    Gladys P

  3. Michelle said...

    Have a great time!

  4. Pam L. said...

    Did you run into Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez while you were there? I heard they were in Maui the same time as you! If so - I hope you had your camera ready and can share photos with us! lol! :)

  5. Katharina said...

    I enjoyed reading this so much... and smiling. If I'd do this for my daughter, she'd hit us up for a really great souvenir, I just feel it! :-) Katharina

  6. The Need 2 Read said...

    LOVE IT! This is great...haha. We were just talking about this we have to bring the kids on our anniversary date?! You couldn't have worded it better! Hope you enjoyed yourselves!!!

  7. Merrie said...

    This brought tears to my eyes. Such a great reminder that you and your husband came first and should continue to be an important first. It all started with you.
    Envious and a little teary for what I've missed out on. <3

  8. delven5 said...

    Aww! That was a beautiful, perfect letter.

    My chuckles to "But don't forget about the 3 hour time difference."

    My parents sure need a real vacation just to themselves. :)

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