Old Friend, You are Missed

Hubby had his annual business trip to the valley, so we tagged along.

School's out for the summer and a change of scenery is always nice.

Plus I promised a hotel pool and a fancy shopping mall, always a plus.

I recently got a change of address card from my oldest and bestest friend from first grade.

She moved back to the CA valley after being away for 15 years.

I shot her an email and she was going to be around, perfect!

When I pulled into the driveway of her house, I saw her and my insides did a happy dance.

She was in tears of happiness.

It has been 10 years since our last quick visit. Her oldest and my middle were just babies.

She looked fabulous, as usual, she was always the hot one.

All the time that had come between us dissolved.

We caught up, we shared about the kids, typical mom stuff.

We talked about our parents, mine were with me, and it was like old times.

Yet, everything was different and so the same.

We promised to see eachother at a local wine event in the fall.

We left on more tears, hers.

I miss her already.

We grew up together, even lived together in college, were in eachother's weddings.

Life is so different now.

But we are only 3 hours apart.

That's doable.

I hope.

I didn't shed a tear on the visit.

My feelings process later, when I try to understand them.

I cry now for the happy memories, and the friendship I've missed.

And for wanting more but knowing it doesn't always work that way.

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  1. Michelle said...

    I hope you are able to spend more time with your friend.

    We've only been in MD for 2 years but I can't wait to be close to my best girlfriends in CO again!

  2. Amy said...

    I read this and cried...again! When I saw you drive up to my house, an overwhelming sense of comfort and happiness came over me. It's rare to have a friendship last as ours has, and I cherish it more now than ever! And by the way, you were/are the whole package- funny, smart and hot! Thanks for coming to see me- looking forward to more visits!

  3. Deal Queen said...

    There is nothing better than a friendship that can withstand distance and the tests of time. That's a real friend so few are blessed to have.

  4. Tamara B. said...

    I know how you feel. My best friend moved to Maui about four years ago and it was so strange not seeing her everyday. I miss her so much even though we talk on the phone everyday it's just not the same. So happy you two got togeter and three hours is not bad if you meet half way.

  5. Rhonda Martin said...

    It must of been so wonderful to catch up on the years you were apart. Friendships like that are fantastic~!

  6. lewalk said...

    That's such a great story. I've been crazy busy and haven't gotten to read here much lately but as always I absolutely LOVE the way you write here. It's so uncluttered and funny, even when it's not supposed to be. It's the way I think in my head so I can process it when I read it even with the chaos called my household going around me. It's great you got to reconnect. I hope you get to again soon. Three hours is nothing. We would drive that for a sale or just some really good shopping right? Lol.


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