Home Alone with a Big Decision to Make

Home Alone, can you picture me doing that Macualay Culkin face? (0.0)

All 3 kids in school.  All day.  It's been two and a half weeks and my nest is empty.

I've been catching up on work, chores, using the potty without, "MOOOOOOM!"

It's been nice.  Though I'm not without responsibilities.

I am now expected to have grocery shopped and cleaned and ready with a hot dinner each night.

Plus, I still have this school dilemma hanging over my head.

K is on the waiting list for a magnet school for Spanish immersion.

It's a fabulous school, my nephews attend and my 5th grade nephew is fully bilingual and was at 4th grade.  It's amazing, clearly.

But, K started her home school and is adapting there.  Her teacher is superb, her classmates are also on her soccer team, one also was in her preschool class.  It's a block from our house, My Boy also attends, and she really loves it.

Being FIRST on the wait list, she can get the call from the dual language academy any day.

But, it can also be next month, or even February!  How long do I wait before it's not okay to pull her from her comfortable surroundings.  I'm not doubting her adaptability, she would be fine if she HAD to switch schools, but in this case she doesn't have to move, but it would be a great opportunity.

I'm going back and forth and forth and back.  K now says, "I want to stay at MY school."  I mean, it's her school, she owns it now.

AHHH The Stress!

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  1. MamaB said...

    Hun, this is a tough one. I think when it happens, you'll know. And sometimes as parents we have to make tough choices...that's why we are the parents. We see the BIG picture. (hugs)

  2. Heather B. said...

    I was just in the same dilemma with my K! When it came down to it I ended up leaving her at the school she currently attends. She loves her teacher and her classmates and I couldn't see moving her now that she has started and gotten use to the routine! Plus, it's a fabulous school!!!! Like you said, not that she wouldn't have adapted fine to the new school, but when she said to me that she LOVES "her" school and teacher I didn't have the heart to change her.

  3. Michelle said...

    I hate decisions like that! Maybe her name won't come up soon and the decision will be made for you.

  4. The Mom Jen said...

    Thanks for the words everyone, I've decided she is staying!

  5. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    That's tough. I would keep her at the school this year. Maybe next year, you won't be on the waiting list, so you won't have to decide?

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