Lonely Mama Bird

People keep asking, "oh my gosh did you cry?" and they mean over K starting Kindergarten.

Um, no, not in the way you think, like saddy pants.

I cried tears of joy that after 13 years of being home, I now have ME time.

Honestly, K has been ready for full time school since birth.

She was so sad to see brother and sister leave each day, she wanted homework, she wanted to have a backpack with school supplies, she wanted the constant activity!

She had no nerves about meeting her teacher, she has embraced early mornings, and comes home so full of happiness and fun stories, I've had no reason to be sad in the boo-hoo sense.

I'm proud of all my kids and how well they do in these life situations, they rock school and great behavior and responsibility.


BUT...after 3 weeks, I'm feeling strange. 

When I come home from dropoff, I look around and see the dishes piled, laundry piled, the rooms dusty and say, "yay, I can clean." 

Yay, I can watch my tv shows.

Yay, I can work uninterrupted for 6 hours.

BUT...it's lonely, and quiet, and empty.

The excitement of my freedom is wearing off.

I miss my little birds.

I feel like an empty nester.

I feel like crawling back into bed at 8:15am and sleeping until pickup time.

Hubby has a new job in a town 30 minutes away, when for 16 years he came home for lunch every day.

That doesn't happen anymore.


It's a phase, it too will pass, right?


I think I need a kitty.

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  1. Liz Mays said...

    I never got over it, but I'm not average, I don't think. I hated when school would start every year.

    Now it's just me and my blog. And I wish it was just me.

  2. Newlymeds said...

    aw sweet post. it must be hard but exciting watching your kids grow up.

  3. Night Owl Mama said...

    I wonder about this. And I've been there. I remember jumping into the Fit to be me phase. I would drop by son off at school and hit the gym. go home shower, clean house, grocery shop and pick him up. Every day!! of course not grocery shop every day but you get what I'm saying. Keep busy and have fun things to do for them when they get home.

  4. Michelle said...

    I am in the same boat. Kids are all in school. Hubby is in day shift. I am looking for work but it has been difficult to find something that fits my kids schedule.

  5. VickieC said...

    it was hard with the kids an hard with the grandkids,I cried when all of them went,,I got to stay home full time an babysat 2 of the grandsons so I was really attached,,they were my buddies,,an I loved havingthem with me

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