A Letter to My Almost Teenager

Dear DQ,

You are almost thirteen.

Your special 11/11/11 birthday is coming up and I can't believe I'll have an official teenager.

This age is challenging to say the least.

I have been with you from your first breaths and it's getting harder to communicate my feelings to you as I'm sure it is for you..to me.

I want you to know...

1.  I Understand.  Even when you think I don't.  Life is confusing right now, you want what you want and I have to be the boss, that's my job.   But, remember I was you 25 years ago, sure I didn't have siblings close in age, but I know how it feels to be a teenage girl, and it's frustrating.

2.  It IS Actually Fair.  When I was your age I had to struggle and fight and want, now I'm the parent, it's the circle of life.  You'll get your chance to be in charge. Let's not forget you were the only one to ever get our undivided attention for 2 years. How fair is that for K and My Boy?

3.  I Love You all Equally.  Hard to understand, but I have a mom too, and a brother.  You all mean the world to me and I want you all to love eachother as I love you.  Just because you don't remember when you were 5 or 10, I treated you like I treat your siblings. 

4 Yes, K is Spoiled.  I will be the first to admit it.  She is my baby, my last child.  You were my first child and were equally spoiled for that first 2 years.  You have that special *first child/first granchild* spot, that's very unique.

5.  I have HIGH Expectations for You.  And, I always will.  You are special, you have so many talents and I want you to always succeed like you do.  It's tough being the role model for the other two kids, but you've done a damn good job so far.

6.  You are Brilliant.  Your mind works in a way mine does not, I envy that, you do well at all you try and things come easy to you.  I am jealous ;)

7.  You are Talented.  I will never be a dancer, I don't have moves like Jagger.  You do, you are amazing.  Your dedication to your sport is awe inspiring and I can't wait until competition and wish recital was more times per year!

8.  You Make Me Laugh.  You have a funny sense of humor like Dad.  Smiling and laughing are my favorite. 

9. You are so much like your dad and you know that I love him with all my heart.  I love you with all my heart.  That though always makes me smile.

10.  You are Beautiful.  Your hair, your eyes, your lips, your smile, your body.  Again, jealous.

11. Your Siblings Think You are a Rockstar.  They always have.  Remember when My Boy made you all the pink things in preschool and we worried he liked pink too much but it was all for you.  He still admires you and talks highly about you when you aren't around.  You know K is your mini-me in every way, she dances because she's always watched you!
12.  Golden Rule.  Can't be said enough treat those like you wanted to be treated, seriously it's like the best karma.

13.  I Thank You.  You have always been a faithful blog reader even when no one else has.  I see you on your iPod giggling and ask what you're reading.  You tell me "your blog" and it's the biggest compliment in the world.  I know I may have put up pics you don't like, that embarass you, or said things I should have kept inside my head, but this is my online scrapbook for all of you and I want you to enjoy it. 
14. Be Happy all the Time.  Being mad, sad, angry wastes life. Find the best and good in everything.

15.  Words Hurt.  I cry too, say only nice things to me, dad, your siblings.  We will do the same.

Most Important: I Love You and I always will, no matter what, even if I take your phone away.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I need to save this for when my oldest turns 13! You nailed it head on!!

  2. Rachel said...

    This is sooo sweet! My two are so little now (4 & 2 1/2) it's so hard to imagine them reaching their teen years...but I know it will be here before I know it. (((hugs)))

  3. Pam L. said...

    Aw! I'm dabbing the tears in my eyes! An excellent letter for sure!!! I'm the mom of 2 girls - 15 1/2 & 12 1/2 - so I know exactly what you mean in each of those points!!! Like you, I remember being a teenager - how'd they grow so fast? Imagine how our mom's feel???

  4. Michelle said...

    Aww...13, such a big milestone! We have an 11, 10, and 8 year old and hubby is beginning to realize the little one is the only one not stuck in that pre-teen attitude phase which I know only gets worse as the years go on.

  5. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    What a beautiful letter...maybe I should print this out for when my girls turn 13, too!

    Are you going to print it out and frame it or anything like that for her birthday?

  6. kristi said...

    This made me cry. My teenager and I have had a rough week,she will be 16 next week. Praying for you. It gets harder I SWEAR!! My youngest is special needs and it has been so hard to divide the time. Today my daughter and I are going to do some girl things, watch movies and veg out while my son goes to his Grandma's.

  7. Ann Harrison said...

    Dang it Jen. Dang Dang DANG!

    I'm teary!

    I'm now crying.

    You got it. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. (hug)

    ***there's more to share than my little comment here. An e-mail is soon to come***

  8. Rebecca Shockley said...

    I didn't get very far when all of a sudden I was tearing up real good, so I turned on the wiper's and continued to read. That was the most heart felt mother to son letter I have ever laid eye's on, you did beautifully! My oldest just graduated and have 4 to go, but this I have to say touches the bottom of my heart, absolutely beautiful!

  9. Sandra VanHoey said...

    This is great! You did a beautiful job on this...what a great mom
    Sandy VanHoey

  10. VickieC said...

    love,love this post,I have a grandaughter who will turn 13 in March

  11. Unknown said...

    I wish I would have found this before my son turned 13. His bday was in July. What a beautiful and heartfelt letter. Thank you so much for sharing this with us I really appreciate everything that you do. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  12. slehan said...

    Very well said. Good karma for you.

    slehan at juno dot com

  13. windycindy said...

    I have two sons that are now in the early 20's! What you have said in this post, rings so tru to me!
    Thanks, Cindi

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