I Believe I Can Fly!

Happy Turkey Eve!

Going to get my stuffing on tomorrow, can't wait.

And by stuffing I mean I hate stuffing, so I mean stuffing my face, just to be clear.

Just wanted to post a couple of pics of our fun weekend to Catalina Island.
If you haven't been, it's the CUTEST!

Saw Breaking Dawn in this here old casino...
Oh and did this for the first time, only a year old!
And in action....the strong arms are because I dangled half way on the previous zip over the ravine for about 5 minutes while they RESCUED me.

Me Dangling.

5 zips and I survived and it was freaking cool!
The closest thing to flying.

2 supporters in group:

  1. Anonymous said...

    that looks so incredibly fun!!!

  2. The Rebel Chick said...

    It looks like you had a fantastic time!

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