I Really Don't Hate Christmas

Wait it was just Thanksgiving, how is Christmas in 4 days?

(insert panic attack here)

Like everyone at this point in the holiday season, I'm gathering the last of the gifts and wrapping like a maniac.

Every year I feel that the reason for the season gets more hidden below the layers of Santa paper and scotch tape.

Every year I say I want to adopt a family to buy for and hope that my kids understand that we have SO much that often goes unappreciated.

Every year I hope that one of my children says, "mom, please take everything you bought me and give it to a family who doesn't have the money to buy it for themselves."

Every year I wish for less stress and it doesn't come.

I'm normal right.

My kids deserve their gifts.  They are wonderful kids, bright, loving, hard-working, so good at everything they try, I love getting them things that make their eyes light up with joy.

It's just the crowds, the traffic, the lines, the rush, the last minute, the cleaning, the prepping, the cooking, the build up...it's all so wild and crazy.

Curling up in bed with my iPhone and sleeping until January 1 sounds SO appealing.

Really though, I am blessed beyond words.

My blog has lead to my second blog that's lead to the most amazing opportunities I would have never imagined 10 years ago.

The fact that we will travel to our 3rd and 4th Hawaiian island in less than a year in February is beyond explanation.

The fact that my family is healthy, we have a home, and my husband has a job is a feat of it's own.

How do you feel this holiday??

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  1. annies home said...

    I know what you mean just where did the time go? I feel blessed this holiday season with me and my children either in school or working jobs all is well come see my christmas pics at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  2. Liz said...

    What's your 2nd blog? And how has it led to cool opportunities! Do share! Lizreeves2@aol.com

  3. Simply Being Mommy said...

    I love Christmas!

    And I'm totally jealous of all your trips to Hawaii. <3

  4. Amanda Angert said...

    You mentioned that you wanted to adopt a family and I wanted to make a suggestion. For the past two years I have talked to the PTA and asked for a "needy child" (I hate even using those words) in each of my children's classes. I'm provided with a list of gift ideas and sizes (for pajamas/coats/clothes etc) and I can choose how much to buy. Then I write a note to my girls' teachers (my girls are in 3rd grade and kindergarten) and explain that instead of buying them a gift I've sponsored a child in their classroom. My thought is that the one thing I know about the teacher is that he/she cares about their students and I'm sure the last thing they need is another coffee mug/gift certificate/pen set, you know?

    Just an idea :)

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