I Have a TEEN!

My newly crowned teenager asked me the other day...

"Where's my birthday post on your blog? You did one for everyone else!"

Well, usually she loathes when I speak of her on the blog.

I mean, she reads it, loves it, and laughs at it, but when I talk about her she often storms off in a huff about how I make her look.

Anyone who has had a teen or is in the throes of one now KNOWS what I mean.

We simply can't win as parents.

We love them, we give them their space, we applaud their accomplishments, we *try* to ignore their insults.

It's a slippery slope.

I've had ideas to make a video like I've done in the past, see here for her double-digits birthday.. http://www.themomjen.com/2008/11/in-last-decade.html

But, with the whole time thing, and the tears, and the time, I just didn't.

I did post a cute pic of her at 3 years old on FB on her special milestone 11-11-11 birthday.

"It has to have curls and not be ugly."

We did have a 7 hour party with 10 teens at the house with lots of soda, caffeine, candy, pizza, and Panda Express.

Surprising that no one puked.

We also had a sleepover with 3 girls that gave them 4.5 hours of sleep.

Then we shopped at a cool mall, but their exhaustion turned them into pumpkins at noon and they were zombies.

Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for (more) soda, appetizers, lunch, and dessert.

Needless to say that the girls passed out cold on the way home.

So, no, I haven't come up with the best post or the baby-to big girl photo post for your birthday my dear daughter, but does this one work?

Maybe we can do that mall day all over again!
You're a beautiful 8th grader sweetheart, we all love you. 

Holy crap I'm going to have a HIGH SCHOOLER next year.

Oh the posts will write themselves.

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  1. Liz Mays said...

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, and my gosh! She looks so much like you! Teen years are tough, but the friendship you two will have once you get through the tough times will be amazing. Trust me.

  2. Lisa said...

    Happy Birthday to your daughter - she's beautiful!

    I used to be so careful about what I put about my two teens. Then they started to ask why I didn't put such and such on the blog. Or they would do something specifically to be on the blog. Or they'd start posing for photos for the blog and make sure I was going to put them on there. I wondered what was up with that - especially when they told me that their friends were following the blog! I thought they'd be embarrassed. But when their friends would come over and ask me if THEY were going to be on the blog I figured it out...I think they think it's like reality TV. You know, like, "I'm famous." HA!

  3. Unknown said...

    Her birthday sounds AMAZING. I would kill for a day like that (and I'm 32!).

    She is gorgeous! And I am so glad her birthday was so wonderful!

    ps-high schooler?! Seriously?

  4. Michelle said...

    Happy Birthday DQ!

  5. Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

    OMG, she looks like your little twin. Many say that my youngest looks like me, but I think your daughter is a splitting image of you. Very pretty!

  6. MichelleS said...

    I am only in the toddler terrible two years and I'm about to plead insanity as a parent :) lol. I can only imagine having a young teen and what is to come with having one. Our parents survived, I think we will too.

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