Our Spring in Instagram Photos

It's been almost a month since I last posted.

That's gotta be a record.

I'm usually busy over at The Mom Reviews.

But, mostly with life.

This little guy, our newest nephew at almost 4 months...
has been struggling with bacterial meningitis.  In Lucille Packard children's hospital he's had a roller coaster ride for nearly 2 weeks, but is improving daily.  Really puts life into perspective!

Spring has sprung, allergies are flaring, and we're waiting for some warm weather, winter seems to be joining us after forgetting what month it was.
Yeah, this guy is now 11 and has gotten a proper haircut!  ;)
This girl is mid-dance competition season, doing really well and is now all signed up for classes in HIGH SCHOOL for the fall. *faint*
This girl keeps us all on our toes, is READING everything she sets her eyes on and is just growing up plain too fast!
This is where you can find us about 3-4 days a week this spring!  My Boy has moved up to the Majors in little league and is facing faster pitching and tougher teams.  Go Angels!
 Snapping photos whenever I can and seeing the beauty that surrounds me.

Still having fun at theme parks and enjoying the world through the eyes of a child.
Constantly missing the islands as they have impacted my heart and my life so much.  Hubs and I seriously talk about moving there.  We have the fever, island fever.

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  1. Carol said...

    A wonderful way to summarize what is going on in your life!

  2. Liz said...

    What a fabulous post! I feel like part of the family!

  3. Shelly Peterson said...

    You take some great pictures! Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Frugal Mom from California said...

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. MichelleS said...

    Gorgeous pictures! I like this app a lot!

  6. VickieC said...

    you got some great pictures for sure,,I dont have anything for a app,wish I did

  7. Jennifer Speed said...

    these are some great pictures I especially love the picture of the trees and the water

  8. kelly1980777 said...

    so cute

  9. Emily said...

    Beautiful photos! I love how Instagram captures fun moments as they happen :)


  10. angie lilly said...

    love love love the shots of the sand cherry tree with sky and the ocean shot! I so want to climb into that ocean shot!!

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