The New York Subway System? We Totally Rocked It!

Okay minus one trip from JFK airport to the hotel, we did ride in a towncar. BUT, after that we exclusively rode the New York Subway system or walked.
 Hubby and DQ were with me, they were my confidence.  Had I traveled alone to the Big Apple, I may have hailed a taxi to get places and probably would have paid a ridiculous amount of money to go 3 blocks.

Nope, not us.

Not one single taxi ride the whole time.

 The Subway is ridiculously inexpensive and amazingly efficient.

Sure on a 90 degree day in the summer it literally feels like you are walking into the depths of hell down two or 3 levels underground.

Sure it smells like pee, vomit, and other bodily fluids down there. 

Sure you feel like you could be mugged at any minute.

Sure when you take it back to the airport with all your luggage you feel like you will fall down the stairs and die.

Sure falling into the tracks and getting plowed by the train goes through your mind.

Sure you hold your breath when your husband says, "we're under a river right now!"

BUT, did I mention cheap.  And efficient.

We rode to Yankee Stadium on the Subway. 

Battery Park.


Lincoln Center.

Ground Zero.

Hubby and DQ took it to the Brooklyn Bridge just before they walked across it.

They even TRANSFERRED from one line to another.

Pros I tell ya, we're pros.

Plus there's A/C in there. 

Maps to help you find your way.

Even the cleaner and newer trains talk to you so you know where to get off.

We didn't drive or ride in a car for almost 5 full days.

That's big for these Californians!

Now I feel all fancy when I tell people, "oh sure, the E train takes you all the way to blabbity blah" and "if you transfer from the S to the R you'll be smack dab in hoobity hoo."

How do you get to JFK?  Well you take the E to the Jamaica AirTrain goobledy goo.

Yep, pros.

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  1. Carol said...

    There is that feeling of victory in conquering a foreign travel system, isn't there? That's how Kat and I felt when we managed the Seoul, Korea subway system.

  2. Unknown said...

    I live in New york but not NYC I have always wanted to ride the subway but haven't rode the subway before maybe next time I go to the city I will ride one just to ride it lol

  3. Liz said...

    Ok, girl! Have you been doing something to lose weight? You look so skinny in that pic at the subway where you can see most of your body! Or at least skinnier than other pics of you that I remember seeing on here before. You go girl!!

  4. Deanna said...

    ha ha. I rode it in November and maybe got lost 1 time with my parents.

  5. judy gardner said...

    i am IMpressed! living here in nc is not as rural in most places as people think, but in most parts u only call a cab if u are out drinking and ofcourse we have no subways. i would never do the subway thing in NY alone but prob. would,like you, with friends or family. there is strength in numbers!

  6. Simply Being Mommy said...

    You go girl! One experience was enough for me LOL!

  7. Betty Roberts said...

    Lol wtg!i sure agree with you on the depths of hell and the feeling of getting mugged when on the subway, I go maybe once a year

  8. Mary said...

    I have never done this and I'm pretty sure people could tell I didn't know what I was doing!

  9. Unknown said...

    look so different from the trains in LA

  10. windycindy said...

    I have never been to New York...
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Now, I really want to go,Cindi

  11. Amy V said...

    way to go!! i've never taken a subway and yes i'd also be apprehensive but with my family/friends i think i'd make it ok!

  12. VickieC said...

    Ive been to New York but didnt ride the subway,you are very brave!

  13. Tami Vollenweider said...

    I've never used the New York Subway before,but I used the Washington D. C. Subway!It was a couple years ago,but I thought it was pretty neat and e3asy to get around on !

  14. Maureen said...

    My son loves, loves, loves trains. We have ridden the trains here in Philadelphia, but he would LOVE to ride the subway in NYC!


  15. Unknown said...

    I am a person who loves taking pictures of everything, always do and these pictures of the subway I would!

  16. Sherrie said...

    I've never been to New York but have always wanted to ride the subway, if only once! Maybe someday :)

    Sherrie C.

  17. akronugurl said...

    i never been but i think i would get lost lol
    -stephanie jones

  18. Nancy said...

    Way to go - you're a pro!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  19. freddie said...

    I have never been to New York and would be scared to death to ride the subway. My daughter went there and rode the subway and said it wasn't bad at all. My fears are all of the above you mentioned. Who knows maybe some day if I visit New York I WILL ride the subway.

  20. Unknown said...

    I have never been ti New York and I am not sure I could make it through the subway system unless I had someone else there with me. I would get lost somewhere.

  21. Unknown said...

    You rock. I can never understand the subway and I always end up getting lost. Even though I always go with a buddy.

  22. vivaciousgold said...

    Great job.

  23. Sandra VanHoey said...

    haha, made me laugh...all those smells, etc but we do like inexpensive. You're too funny!
    Sandy VanHoey

  24. Maryann D. said...

    The first time I was on a NYC subway I was definitely scared and did not know what I was doing or if I would ever get to where I wanted to go. But after a few times I feel more confident although I would not want to go on the subway every day. I had a lot of people helping me with directions though.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

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