A Walk in SWEATral Park

Central Park is stunning.

And huge.

We walked 2 hours.

Over 4 miles.

And maybe we hit about 1/8 of it.

It was August.

It was 90 degrees.

Plus 90% humidity.

At one point I felt like the next step would be death.

My sweat did not glisten any longer, it reflected my last moments of life.
 Just two more blocks.

My husband is a funny man.

I was not amused.

I made it through that day.


How do people live in humidity.  Please explain it to this California girl.

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  1. Maureen said...

    You drink lots and lots of water. I live on the East Coast and I hate the humidity!


  2. Liz Mays said...

    Ya'll are such wimps over there! lol

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    We totally are Liz!

  4. Casey said...

    We stay inside with the a/c on as low as it will go!

  5. Liz said...

    That's the only kind of heat I know. But being "only" 90 degrees would feel like I was living in an outdoor air conditioner! It's usually closer to 100-105 here. With 90% humidity. Ahhh....welcome to East Texas! :)

  6. akronugurl said...

    i hate the heat! i stay inside!

    - Stephanie Jones

  7. Tammylyne said...

    Im a Jersey girl and it gets so sticky! Last year at a blogging conference I got lost in the NY subway, talk about scared and hot and oh so stinky lol!!!

  8. RhumbaMom said...

    Love Central Park!

  9. Yona Williams said...

    I've only driven by Central Park before, haven't walked through it but I heard it is an experience.

  10. LAMusing said...

    I'm a Cali girl too. And yeah - the humidity in some places wipes me out.

  11. Unknown said...

    I love central park, such a cool place

  12. VickieC said...

    never been to central park,but I do live in TN where the humidity is alwful,,how to I survive it,,I stay inside,lol

  13. judy gardner said...

    i live in nc and it does get very humid here in the summer. when it gets really bad, we crank up the air and drink a lot of fluids. humidity is not my friend. it is the reason that i love fall! oh, and i didnt know central park was so big!


  14. Unknown said...

    Humidity is awful! I don't know how people can have gorgeous hair in humidity...mine is a nightmare!
    -Rachel H.

  15. [Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

    I never been to Central Park. It looks so beautiful, though!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Fiona N

  16. pinktaz60 said...

    Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    My so and I visited NYC a few years ago in August, so hot! I am going back when its colder, lol :)

  17. Sandra VanHoey said...

    hahaha...Oh my goodness, you look like you're ready to knock someone out here. I can tell you were not amused, it shows in that last pic. I could not have walked that long...wow
    Sandy VanHoey

  18. Anonymous said...

    drink lots of water! its a good cleanse though

  19. Jenn said...

    Yes - lots and lots of water.

    I love this first photo. It's very frame worthy. :)

  20. Unknown said...

    Water will help but I would not even go take a walk in 90 degree weather lol

  21. Marysa said...

    Every time I go to NYC, it is a lot of walking! And it always seems like it is reeeally cold and windy, or it's just too hot! Tough to find a happy medium.

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