Stories from High School: Mouthing Bad Words

I'm embarassed to admit it. 

But, I called a random high school student a not so nice word.

Okay, I mouthed it.

That is totally better.

She was in her car.


Probably her moms.

It has a lovey dovey vanity plate.

Initial, initial, initial HEARTS initial, initial, initial.


Anyway, so I'm in the high school parking lot.

Oh yeah, DQ is in high school!


Oh right, after 8th grade graduation, then you start as a Freshman...yada yada.

Just letting those know who aren't paying attention.

So yah, she's in high school.

I still pick her up via car in the school lot.

Walk home a half mile, NEVAH!

Maybe when she's 30.

Anyway, so the line to get out of the parking lot is chaotic about 3 days out of 5 and today was day 1.

I'm trying to inch my way into the flow line when the BMW in question keeps coming, keeps coming, and pretty much will hit me if she doesn't stop. 

So being the ADULT, I stop and she inches by then has to stop right in my line of sight through the tinted windows.

She looks my way and I mouth an obscenity. 

It slipped out. Sorta.

Out of anger.

Out of frustration, I've been waiting and allowing 5s and 10s of cars go by, then I see a chance and take it.

Nope, this girl has no plans to pay attention to anything around her and wants to play chicken with me.

She blatantly persisted and would have totally hit me.

I blame the heat, but you know what she deserved that little foul mouthage.

She was totally rude. 

Being rude back is not the answer no, but sometimes you just react.

So she turned her head and shrugged her shoulders.


From that point on I allowed 2 pedestrians and 2 more cars go by in front of me.

I'm not proud of my reaction.

I told my daughter and her friend in the car about manners when you drive.

I hope they remember that when they get their licenses. (gasp)

Oh and not to cuss at bad drivers even if it's not out loud.  

Were your buttons pushed today?

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  1. Tammylyne said...

    yes it did. I work in a lab and a dr calls and wants to know why we didnt run this important test on a a very sick man. I explained the tube expired, he then proceeds to yell at me and told me to run the test anyway. I tell him that the results for this very sick man would be so way off the charts and he than yells at me and calls me an idiot and that the patient didnt need to know that the tube was expired!! VERY SCARY that there are doctors out there like this because I get this all the time lol

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    WOW TammyLyne that is scary!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    high school already!! wow.

  4. akronugurl said...

    wow lol
    -stephanie jones

  5. Merrie said...

    Jen, I am $%*#$#@% shocked at you!

    haha No buttons pushed today -- yesterday was high stress, but today I am enjoying life.

  6. LAMusing said...

    glad she didn't actually hit you!

  7. VickieC said...

    Id almost wrote down her license plate number an called her parents to let them know how rude she was,but then she probably told them what you called her,sooooooooo,lmao,,,you'll get her next time girlfriend!

  8. Maureen said...

    Wow! That sounds really scary! I am glad that she didn't hit you!


  9. Anna F said...

    OK - this is scary!
    Take care, love your writing!

  10. pinktaz60 said...

    Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    Yes, my hubby just pressed all my buttons! I'm on my computer, with a football game in the background (listening on my computer) entering a giveaway and he tells me to "look up something" for him. UMM, no! Because he was on his computer doing something! He does that all the time, so annoying :)

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