I Can't Deal with Sickos

There are some things I cannot deal with.

Like illness.

I mean, I deal with it.  But, I can't deal with it.

Makes perfect sense right?

When I was blessed with children, that non-existent handbook left out a very important chapter...

Dealing with sick kids.

So like any mom paranoid moms like me, I panic first then act sane.

Okay I totally never act sane. But, stay with me.

So when my first-born got ear infections every other month for the first 2 years of her life and was put on antibiotics for 2 years, I worried incessantly.

Then when my second child never slept for 8 months thanks to colic, I was given the label of having post-partum depression.

Earlier this year while on vacation, my youngest got sick while staying with grandma and papa. 

Two visits to the doctor in a week, 4 days of fever, and 2 shots in the tushy later I stressed and was not relaxed one bit on that vacation.

BTW, that same vacation just mentioned, my husband was in bed for 24 hours with a fever and bronchitis.  I wanted to go home and cry.

From HAWAII, who does that?!

As for me, I both fear and crave the doctor.

Fear because, duh I fear the worst if someone sniffles.

Crave because I just need that validation that I've overreacted and I NEED someone with a doctorate tell me to stop using GOOGLE and WEB MD.

A few weeks ago we heard of a local youngish man who dropped dead of a heart attack leaving 4 young kids and a wife.

My husband who doesn't crave doctors like I do told me, "I need to get a physical!"

Good, but scary in my mind.

In addition to the basics, I urged him to mention some skin "things" to the doctor.

He is a freckly boy, his mom has dealt with skin cancer, and there were just some spots that needed extra attention.

Coming home from this appointment, his forehead was littered with bandaids and he repeatedly said he smelt burning flesh.

I felt numb that week we awaited, or rather dreaded a call from the doctor that meant something was wrong.

Thankfully, no call.  No news, good news.

But, the cycle never ends.

Kids, parents, spouses get sick and I try and restrain myself from looking up symptoms and making my own diagnoses.

I've even printed out a saying I saw today because it NEEDS to be my mantra.

sometimes you just have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting.  have faith that things will work out.  may not be how you planned, but just how they're meant to be.
Do you panic, jump to conclusions, or freak...or are you a cool cucumber.

If it's the latter, teach me how!

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  1. Simply Being Mommy said...

    I'm the freak out kinda of mom too!

  2. VickieC said...

    for some reason,im always the calm one,an espically after becoming a nurse,im now retired,,my daughter on the other hand freaks out with any thing to do with her boys,,she calls me in a panic,the first one was about a month old an she was feeding him an he gagged a little,she screams an said OMG Mama hes not breathing,an litterly threw him at me,I caught him an went about checking him out an flipping him over an he was okay,but the whole time she was screaming MAMA SAVE MY BABY,he is 7yrs old now an his brother is 4 yrs old an she still does this ,so I understand,,but I usally get sorta sick after ward but calm during the ordeal

  3. akronugurl said...

    im the same way!

    -stephanie jones

  4. BethElderton said...

    When my son was little he had those ear infections...ear tubes...bronchitis...asthma...pneumonia. By the time he was in middle school he had had pneumonia 3 times. I laid it out every year--If this child so much as hacks a small cough, I want to know about it. Even if he doesn't cough...if he just says that his chest is tight...I want to know. Of course, I was labelled the paranoid, over protective mother. One day he called me from school himself with a "sore chest"--the nurse had sent him back to class because he wasn't coughing and didn't yet have a fever. By the time I got to the school he did have a fever. He ended up missing 7 weeks of school with another case of pneumonia. So..yes I was the paranoid mother, but not one who panicked...one who had dang good reason.
    BTW--That kid is a doctor himself now :)

  5. Yona Williams said...

    I am sooo not the one to be around sick kids but for a different reason - I always get sick and then a couple days later, they're skipping around and Im hidden under blankets.

  6. Anonymous said...

    never webmd anything! it always freaks me out

  7. Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

    I don't freak out. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I was raised by a surfer and a hippie. Panic just doesn't root itself long in my heart. There was a time when I was a medical transcriptionist that I was a bit wiggy, but for the most part even then, I would chill out. I could probably use a little more of your paranoia. Maybe we could switch half of our minds?

  8. windycindy said...

    Hi, I waver between the two...Freaking and cool cucumber!
    It does get better, though. I have found that out!

  9. Unknown said...

    I freak out too. I hate hearing stories about people dying or getting really sick (especially kids) because then I get so paranoid. I am a big worry wart...we actually don't go to this on park because to get to the slide, kids have to walk on across this big rock that is high and not very wide. It about gives me a heart attack to see my little boy go across it, so I boycott that park. Yep, I'm a freak out mom too!

  10. Sandra VanHoey said...

    I'm just like you, if my kids are going somewhere and they don't answer their phone, worried something happened. I usually don't go online to search and be a doctor though as I worry enough. There's nothing we can do to change what is already there except pray and know God is in control.
    Sandy VanHoey

  11. Unknown said...

    First, I panic, then I start looking for the symptoms on google and I freak out! LOL Its really hard to deal with the hubby when he is sick because he thinks he is Superman and he can do everything when not. Also dealing with my little one sick days was frustrating at the very beginning as Im a first time mom. Its crazy! I dont like when people sneeze around us because I start running away from them LOL.

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