Finding "Friends" in New York City

How YOU doin?

We were on a BREAK!

Regina Phalange, PHALANGE!

Can I BE wearing anymore clothes?!


Okay, so you get my point, we're fans of the show Friends.

Like literally watch whenever its on.

DVR reruns.

Quote the show at inappropriate times.

Refer to the actors as, "oh that's Chandler" instead of Matthew Perry.

Sometimes we even say things like, "oh she totally runs like Phoebe."

Fans or addicts?

Normal or creepy obsession.

The latter on both, I'm sure.

So to excite us even further, when we toured NYC's TV and Movie sites last week, DQ, hubby, and I stopped and photographed the actual building where they shot all the exteriors for Friends.

No. that's not really Central Perk, it's actually called "The Little Owl" restaurant on Bedford and Grove.

Even us fanatics know the sets were created and are at the Warner Brother's lot in LA. 

I think.

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  1. Deanna said...

    Oh so Fun!

  2. Betty Roberts said...

    Haha idlove friends too! I catch the reruns all the time!

  3. Unknown said...

    oh so jealous you got to see it! I love the show too!!!!
    and yes, I also know all the lines you mentioned and many more! us FRIENDS fans probably know each episode, and what everyone says on it... drives my husband crazy lol

  4. Liz said...

    How cool! I'm a total fanatic where Friends is concerned, too! LOVED the show!

  5. Gina Kleinworth said...

    Oh yes- I so miss Friends. So cool that you were able to see the building.

  6. Anonymous said...

    My daughter owns all the seasons and has been known to suddenly break into one of Phoebe's songs.


  7. Unknown said...

    That is so cool! I am a HUGE Friends fan. I have all the seasons on DVD and watch them over and them!

  8. Helen said...

    that is so cool I would love to visit NY and see all the sites

  9. [Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

    Woa! It looks so much fun! I would love to visit there soon!
    I love your picture! Looks so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Fiona N

  10. akronugurl said...

    fun :)

    -stephanie jones

  11. VickieC said...

    interesting,sounds like you all had a great time there

  12. Unknown said...

    i would love to go to new york-never been...

  13. pinktaz60 said...

    Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    I love Friends too! Very cool photo :)

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