Family Photos Courtesy of #DisneyHolidays

So it's that time of year again.

Time to pull out the stretchy pants to make room for those turkey and pie pounds.

Oh and it's Christmas Card attempt time too.

Last year I had a fabulous Christmas photo that I posted here on the blog.

But, I never mailed them.

Seriously I have about 50 or so floating around the house.

I may have left one for my mailman and gave one to the checker at Safeway, but other than that, no one saw the unbelieveable cuteness.

Well except for you guys.  I think.

So this year I had a plan.

No plan.

Just get a quick shot, throw it in black and white and let the decor from some printing company make it look good.

This is how that turned out....
I know, teenagers!

Luckily our fabulous trip to Disneyland and California Adventure was coming up, and maybe I'd just get one good one.

Aaaand, this is how that went...
Who  closes there eyes the ENTIRE time at Space Mountain??  Me, it scares me.  And makes me a little nauseous.

DQ knows where all the cameras are on those rides now, she plans it.  K, she's apparently not phased by the darkness, speed, or thrill of it all.


Still looking for that special opp.

How about here at Cars Land?
Oops, no dad.

How about here in Downtown Disney...
No dad or DQ.

How about now...
Good gracious, 3 of us missing.

Nope, that isn't me, it's Minnie.

For the love of Disney....What is it going to take?

No parents, but I'm calling it, success.

13 supporters in group:

  1. Sandra VanHoey said...

    You have some great all those Disney Pictures, they turned out fabulous!
    Sandy VanHoey

  2. Anonymous said...

    Disney is the most magical place!

  3. Merrie said...

    Love them all, but that tree shot is money.

  4. Yona Williams said...

    What beautiful pics! Those are really special memories that will last a lifetime!

  5. Karla said...

    Wow! Disney really knows how to decorate for the holidays!

  6. Disney Sisters said...

    Love the picture in front of the tree! Your kids are so super cute. Thanks for joining our December photo challenge.

  7. Jenn said...

    I love the last photo. You have a beautiful family. Happy holidays!

  8. Maryann D. said...

    I love getting Christmas Photos, especially if I do not often get to see that family. Any of these photos would be fantastic to send to family or friends. It looks like a fun time!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  9. VickieC said...

    you got some awesome pictures,but you always take good pictures

  10. slehan said...

    Just sent the one picture on a card and include a link to this page so they can see all of them.

  11. Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

    What great pictures. Disney is always so much fun. I haven't taken my 3 year old yet it will be fun when I do though.

  12. TheSuburbanMom said...

    Getting 5 people (3 kids) to look at a camera at the same time and smile nicely all together - not an easy task! Glad I am not the only one who always gets their cards out late.

  13. Unknown said...

    How fun!

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