Mama Wants to Jam

Aren't there days when you just want to get your groove on?

Sure maybe a few glasses of wine help, but let mom put on some tunes and rock out if she needs to.

After days of making lunches, driving here and there and everywhere so the kids have scouts and dance and baseball and soccer and and and...

Mom deserves a night dance...and drink wine...and have some fun.

Then we have that responsible teen saying, "mom, I need to go to bed."

And, the six year old asking, "is it time for bed YET?"

And the husband just sitting there asking, "when can we watch Survivor?"


You guys are a ball of fun, and by fun I mean a ball of boring.


Sigh again.

It's a Wednesday, I get it.

Work and school tomorrow.

I totally understand.

But, COME. ON.

Music heals the soul and yes I know all the words to "Things That Make You Go HMMM..."

And, "Baby's Got Back..."

And, "Funky Cold Medina..."

And, "Landslide" by the Dixie Chicks originally sung by Stevie Nicks.

Sometimes mama just wants to hear her jams.

And dance.


And, seriously I get reprimanded.

I'm on the computer reduced to listening music with earphones in my own house.

I'm an adult.




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  1. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    We MUST get together soon - I could use some jammin' time too!

  2. Merrie said...

    We'll have to add some dancing in tonight, assuming there's enough wine. Which there is. ;)

  3. VickieC said...

    forgot I had a groove at one time,,too funny but I need to get something moving whether its my groove or not

  4. slehan said...

    I dance when I clean with the music on.

  5. VickieC said...

    there was a commercial came on an it was from the 70's an my son in law saw me sing,an I said boy if you dont want to see this old lady "get down" I suggest you leave now,,he just thought that was hysterial,,,,but he left quick,lol

  6. Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

    This was so funny during the week I personally am a party pooper since my body clock wakes me up at 4:30 am.

  7. won said...

    I spent a year in silence - so your post evokes a lot in me.

  8. LStanger18 said...

    I always feel like dancing! It keeps us young and makes cleaning go by a lot faster! HAPPY BIRTHDAY btw :)

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