Which One is More Weird? Christmas Gift Edition

Last year my oldest learned a lesson the hard way.

I tell my kids Be Careful What You Wish For.

This year it happened again, but it wasn't a birthday gift exchange, it was for Christmas and it's even more weird.

So my 6 year old must have told her friend she likes deer.

I don't know if it was in passing, related to reindeer, or she was reading a book about deer, but K's little classmate came over and brought her this yesterday:

Oh, what is it you ask?

A deer's antler.


From this girl's backyard.

Where apparently it has been sitting for 12 years.

And, there were a lot more too.

K wasn't home at the moment, but I stood there in front of this girl and her mom and I was speechless, mouth agape, and there were a lot of seconds of silence.

The mom tells me that K told her daughter she wanted a deer's antler for Christmas and she happened to have one. 

So the right thing to do was for her to wrap ribbon around it and give it to K.

The mom just washed it with soapy water, so it smelled.

But, not of soapy water.

It smelled like....

...dead deer with a hint of soap.

Or wood.

SOOOOO K gets home and sees it under the tree.

So you like deer I ask.

Um, I didn't say I wanted it for Christmas.

Well {Mia} said you did and here it is.


Be careful what you wish for!

She stood there just as I did by the door, kinda shocked, baffled. 

I'm still trying to decide what is more weird.  That my first grader is asking for deer antlers for a gift. 

OR if the person she told had one to give her. 

Mind. Blown.

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  1. Tami Vollenweider said...

    I guess it made me laugh to read it,but maybe she learned a little lesson!


  2. Amy V said...

    lol hmmm....a lesson learned! i guess that's a good thing! that is sort of strange, but who was to know her friend would take it so...literally?? lol antlers are actually kind of cool though, although probably not to a little kid. (it was cute how she wrapped ribbon around it.)

  3. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Is it bad that I find this hilarious? Because I love that she wished for it...and that her friend helped her out with her "deer" wish.

  4. Merrie said...

    INteresting. I would never have thought... It's the drive by/drop off that cracks me up the most. LOL

  5. VickieC said...

    that is so funny,an the girls mom didnt think it was unusual??hey maybe she should have said money they might have some of that buried in their back yard too,lol

  6. slehan said...

    Well, she could have asked for the whole deer....

  7. Unknown said...

    omg this litterally made me laugh out loud and so loud that I woke the baby! :-) too cute!

  8. Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

    The whole thing is kind of random and strange but the kid actually have the deer antlers is more strange in my opinion.

  9. won said...


    That is a story I think you'll have in your back pocket forever. Crazy.

  10. Marysa said...

    Interesting! That is definitely a strange present!

  11. Kayla Rice said...

    Wow!!! That is a new one to me. I have never ever ever heard of a Gift like that. A great lesson though.

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