Resurrecting "A Thousand Words Thursday"

Good grief where has the time gone?

In 10 days I will officially have a 10th grader, a 7th grader, and a 2nd grader.

DQ keeps reminding me how she'll be graduated from high school in 3 years and then I stick my fingers in my ears and say LALALALALALALA really loud and run out of the room.

My son is heading to junior high in which I may pin a spy camera on him and if anyone tries to bully him, I'll drive right over to that campus and give them a piece of my mind.

Oh and K and I are headed to Kauai next week...more on that later.

So I'm bringing SEXY my A Thousand Words Thursday meme back.

Maybe you remember it, photos on Thursday, linky, fun.


Well, head over to The Mom Reviews, that's where it's going to re-launch, resurrect, be reborn if you will.

Get involved.

 I'll come see yours if you comment on mine!

Tell a friend.

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  1. Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

    congrats on bringing back the meme and congrats to your kids on another school year!

  2. Anonymous said...

    They grow up so fast!

  3. slehan said...

    The best way to know that time is passing is to know some kids. For me, time passes quickly, but not as fast as my friend's grandkids grow.

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. VickieC said...

    really take the time to enjoy this time,,it passes so quickly,an now my kids are grown an gone an have kids of their own

  5. Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

    Time goes so fast I have a daughter that will start her second year of college soon hard to believe.

  6. Deanna said...

    ha ha. I loved the JT reference

  7. Debby said...

    Oh, yeah, time does fly! Doesn't seem like they stay home long enough! My daughter went to summer college during high school, and then a year later she was off to college, then off to grad school. Got married and never moved back. Living way too far away! Son did pretty much the same, except he stayed in the same state or nearby. Enjoy the precious time together!

  8. Sara said...

    Time goes by way too fast.

  9. Robin Wilson said...

    Well a couple of years have passed now and you either have senior or high school graduate on your hands! And 2 others following closer than you'd like I bet. You must be one proud mom!

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