The Ice Cream or The Allergen?

My Boy--Mom, what's this stuff on my arm, it's sticky?
Me--(investigating) I'm not sure. You were in the garage with dad, is it bike grease?
My Boy--(lightbulb goes on) No, I think it's POLITAN.
My Boy--Yeah, me and dad were playing in the front and I was touching the flowers.
Me--Oh you mean POLLEN?
My Boy--Oh yeah, right, I keep saying politan.
Me--Could it be because you have ice cream on your mind?
My Boy--(smiling big and nodding) Can we go to Baskin Robbins?
Me--Nice try.

2 supporters in group:

  1. Tasha said...

    Hahaha! LOVE the conversations!

  2. Heather said...

    Boy after my own heart!

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