I think I'll bury her in the backyard.

The grave marker will say, "Snappy, thanks for the Memories" 2002-2008

Our camera bit the dust today.

She was ailing. This last week, we really knew it was the end. Hubby thinks that he can revive her with a little time and tinkering, but that will only make her more dead, I'm sure of it.

The door that kept the SD card in was already forced closed with duct tape. The SD card didn't push in and out anymore.

All the sand in the lens aged her, she could no longer open and close properly, but boy those recent beach pics were good.

When I tried to take a decent photo of my new haircut, she just didn't have it in her, but in her pure exhaustion gave me one last clear shot out of the 40 I took.

She was good to us. There, most of the time, when we needed her. She was good to the kids when they wanted to take a jillion pictures of the Build-a-Bears. Hung in there when K would get a hold of her and drop her.

She put up with some name-calling on my part, I now beg for forgiveness.

The end is tough, my old friend. But, we'll go on. Our next camera will never replace our friendship.

Goodbye. I hope you find peace in that big darkroom in the sky.

And, don't hold it against us if Hubby breaks you down and uses your parts in his mad scientist's lab.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    LOL. Sorry to hear that, hon! Up until late last year, I had been using a Canon Powershot that I had had since they first started making the digital kind... It was duct taped everywhere. :)

    And from the sound of it, your husband and mine must have the same kind of healing powers.

  2. ** said...

    Jen, I know you are grieving. I am so sorry! Please go and compensate.. run do not walk and go COMPENSATE!!!!


    I wrote a previous comment (a longer comment) but blogger hates me today poop. Perhaps it just wasn't good enough, who knows :)

  3. Vamp said...

    I think I still have my old dead camera somewhere cause I can't bear to let her go, & it's been like 4 years!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, & the compliment :-)
    I love yours too! It's like I can hear you when I'm reading LOL
    I have it a little easier with the menus since I don't have to worry about little ones yet.

  4. ** said...

    I just gotta also say... my husband once rebuilt a computer and ran water through it.. so the computer actually had running water going through it... strange. He is shhhhhhh nerdy.

  5. Lisa said...

    Love it! My camera just started acting goofy tonight at the park & I couldn't decide if I was happy or sad.....dead camera would mean a chance at a new, fancy camera, although this camera is a good one! And my sweet Goosey turns four this weekend, so it needs to decide what to do before the big birthday weekend!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back & join in the question asking fun if you'd like ;)

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