The Nerd and the Super Hero

Hubby got caught up with about a week's worth of my musings last night....

Hubby--(now reading a book, half-listening) What?
Me--You read my blog, what do you think, any comments?
Hubby--Hmm? What? Oh yeah, cool.
Me--That's it?
Hubby--I like your alter-ego.
Me--My what? What am I a blogging super-hero?
Hubby--No, you write what you feel. What I often don't pay enough attention to. You say it on your blog. It's cool.
Me--(dwelling on this)But you said "alter-ego" do you mean not really ME? Is it because of all the sarcasm and stupid jokes? Because that actually IS me. Should I post about more serious things? Should I be less funny? I don't know any serious things.
Hubby--Aren't you tired, you weren't feeling well tonight, you better go to sleep.
Me--Are you brushing me off?
Hubby--(faking sleep-while actually still reading)
Me--I wrote about you in my camera obit. (written after he had gotten caught up) I said you were a mad scientist.
Hubby--(suddenly interested) Really? Can you make me one of those pictures like your new hair cartoon photo?
Me--Yep. I'll put bubbling, steaming test tubes in the background.
Hubby--Well i'm not really into chemistry, how about light bulbs and electricity?
Me--You got it. *CoughNERDCough!*
Hubby--Yes I am.

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  1. Merrie said...

    What is it with our hubby's not reading our blogs? I've checked in several times with mine over the last 5 days, and he still hadn't read anything. Isn't he supposed to be reading it, and then telling me about how clever and amusing I am??? lol

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    I think you're very amusing and clever! That's what counts! ;) LOL!

  3. ** said...

    Mine reads, it's where he finds out what I'm really thinking. We don't talk about it though. He once told me he thinks its a great outlet similar to what your super smart hubby said. It's where I go to just say what I am thinking, stuff he doesn't necessarily tune into. Just like what your hubby said.

    So keep doing it.

  4. Tara R. said...

    My hubs won't even admit he reads my blog, let alone give me any feed back. Maybe I should test him and bury some subliminal messages.

  5. Heather said...

    My hubs has no interest in my blog. And like you and Becky it is where I am the most real with myself, and he doesn't want to know. That sounds sadder than it is, but it is what it is.

  6. Sarah McBride said...

    hubs doesnt read mine either and when he does he always makes comments about how I made him look like a complete ass or some such nonsense.
    Maybe that will teach him to pay more attention to my blog!

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