Cowboy Up or Go Home

Week 3 of the Bachelorette.

Paul, Graham, and Jeremy are invited to stay in the mansion. Jeremy's second week there, uh oh the other boys are gettin' jealous. Does Jeremy have Minnie Driver cheeks?

Anyway. Richard, the science teacher is chosen for the first one-on-one date. Now he's a sweet guy, but DeAnna needs to know if she feels a romantic spark from him, or if they are just friends. They share a romantic dinner atop and L.A. building and it's obvious there is no chemistry between them. On the last attempt, the carriage ride through downtown leaves D disappointed and she dumps Richard on the street.

Date two is a group date. Brian, Sean, Jesse, Graham, Fred, Robert, Twilley, Ron, Paul , and Jeremy are all invited. Dressed in boots and hats, they cowboy up for some line dancing first. Next up, the mechanical bull. D fakes falling and getting hurt and takes mental notes who came to her rescue and who didn't. Dipshit Ron in the background grinning, but not making any effort. Strike one. Jesse does the best on the bull, get's a little personal time with D. Again she is looking for spark versus friendship.

D confronts Ron with his constant bagging on Jeremy and he claims he's in it for the right reasons and that his dislike for J isn't important. Strike two. This guy has done nothing but complain about J and others and his personality is so unflattering. Buh-bye Mr. Evil!

Robert, the up-turned collar effeminate, turns the tables on D saying that he was impressed at first and has since not felt the heat between them. Interesting take, D thinks about this. She ends up giving him a rose.

D and Ellen DeGeneres are pals, so she and the guys end up at her studio. Displaying themselves in Ellen boxers and then a short interview spot, Ellen ends up liking FRED and gives him a rose! Fred. The invisible man, Fred. He stepped it up to get noticed and it worked. My Hubby likes Fred, the underdog.

Finally. The moment I was waiting for. Jason and D have a one-on-one date. Flying away in a helicopter, you can feel a connection between the couple. TELL HER ABOUT TY! They get to their destination and he tells her. The discussion turns from DeAnna to Jason's son, pictures included, he is a very proud father. She takes it well. Jason then asks about D's mom and she tells the story. She also admits NONE of the men she's dated have ever asked her about her mom. I yell, "MARRY HIM!" to the screen. D then presents him with a gift of naming a star after Ty!! Aww, Momma DeAnna?!
The final roses go to....Jesse, Sean, Brian, Graham, Jeremy, and Twilley. Saying goodbye to RON (yay) and Paul.
Sean--didn't see much of him this episode.
Brian--I think he's on his last chance around, he needs to make an impressive move
Twilley--why is he still here?
Graham--Ellen pointed out to D that he is "scared to death" which makes D think that he needs to buck up and get communicating or he's going to be gone. She really likes him, but is now very unsure.
Jeremy--wow those abs! Hubby dislikes him and thinks he's too cocky. I call it confidence, but Hubs thinks it's alterior motives.
Ron--good riddance. He was STILL talking about Jeremy on his way out, dude get over it! Strike 3, you're OUT!

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  1. Clare said...

    Hi Mom,
    I have been reading your blog for some time, and I just love it! I am a total fan of D and the bachelorette. I want her to marry Jason, he is so adorable. I loved that she named a star after his son. You could tell he really got choked up. I don't know about Graham though...seems like a player to me! Best, Clare

  2. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the recap of the show. We missed it and forgot to set the Tivo. LOL Thanks for being our friend at the mom bloggers club. We look forward to getting to know you.

    The Celebrity Boutique Girls

  3. Anonymous said...

    I'm with your hubby. Jeremy is so annoying. I think he smells bad.

  4. nope said...

    I want to know who Ellen said wasn't going to last....

  5. Messy Mommy said...

    Isn't Ron an ass? He was so pissing me off the entire time. Grow up...seriously. However, I find it interesting that your husband also thinks Jeremy is off, maybe it is some male thing we can't detect. hmmmmm.......

  6. Tracey said...

    I Jason...glad Ron is gone!!!!

  7. Sheila said...

    I think your site rocks! I love your title. I started my Blog because I thought it was cheaper then therapy! Us Crazy girls have to stick together!
    Take care!

  8. Kate said...

    I am totally cracking up at this...I have NOT seen anyone do post on Bachelor/Bachelorette...I have a sick addiction to it. Though I did not watch the English much for me. I was pretty happy that they brought Deanna back, although I wasn't crazy about her the first go around. We'll see.

    GOODBYE that guy was annoying as heck. :D I really liked Jason this episode...his telling about Ty was so endearing. Aww...

    Hey girlfriend, thanks for stopping by and commenting bout my're so sweet!

    Have a great rest of the week!!! :)

  9. Anonymous said...

    LOVE your blog!! Ok, I am addicted to the bachelor/bachellorette. I can't seem to get enough of it LOL!
    I am so glad Ron is gone, he was so annoying. I am in love with Jason I want her to pick him and I really hope she does. I don't care too much for Jeremy though there is just something about him. Anyway just wanted to add my 2 cents. ;)

  10. Anonymous said...

    Lovin' the show, but only remember cute Jeremy. I'll have to pay more attention on Monday :)

  11. Anonymous said...

    Jeremey is Rob Lowe's character from Wayne's World. Watch it D or Tia Carrera!

    Jason is more like Garth, and Wayne is definitely Fred. Seriously this Bachelorette is plagerizing the movie.

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