Eye (want) Candy!

Jen at Not Just Any Jen submitted her "five." You know the five. That freebie-fantasy-five people you get to ... knit and drink coffee with IF your dreams came true? Ahh...that five.

It's funny I was just talking to DQ about my Duran Duran infatuation and I tried to explain, "you know they were popular like the Jonas Brothers," and she got all blushy and shy and said, "well I don't have posters of them and kiss their faces on the t.v. and I don't even like them!!"


Anyway. I enjoy to knit and drink coffee, so I thought I'd play along!

Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost)
His voice, his cute and funny nicknames for everyone, I don't have them, but he can call me 'Freckles' anytime!

Matthew McConaughey
His southern drawl...his tan, his arms....bongo-playing in the buff...
well that's kinda weird but who cares!?

Graham from the Bachelorette
Something mysteriously attractive about him!

Dave Annable from Brothers & Sisters
...heck the whole male cast of that show!

Finally, Bobby Crosby from the Oakland A's
Legs and arms of steel!

So play along, who are your 5?

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  1. Dawn said...

    We have very similiar taste in "eye candy."

  2. PostCards said...

    For the record, I too was a Duran Duran fanatic when I was young. Who was your fave? I pined for Roger...I've always liked the quiet shy ones! I'll get cracking on my Five...check for it later today!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    5 Gimme Guys? Is that what it is?
    Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, James Marsden, Cane(on Y&R) and ummm...I think I am out of ideas.

  4. Sarah McBride said...

    I am totally doing this on monday! I have had "the list" for as long as I can remember, it constantly evolves and updates (except my #1, who has been #1 on my list for like 15 years)
    your picks are quite yummy.

  5. Brittany said...

    Oh hot list! I would totally be up for naked bongo playing with Matthew:)

  6. Sue Wilkey said...

    (gasping for air)
    1. Josh
    2. Josh in chocolate
    3.Josh in pudding
    4 Josh in vegetable oil.
    5. Josh in Redi Whip.

    can we talk about Josh more?

  7. Wendi said...

    My eyes are starting to cross my face is so close to the computer screen...yummy!

  8. Not Just Any Jen said...

    Great list! I totally love Sawyer too! He was on my list before I tweaked it.
    Oh, and that guy from Brother & Sisters! Like him too. I got so giddy when he kissed Rebbecca at the end of last season.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Easy, peasy...

    Mark Wahlberg

    Joaquin Phoenix

    Lather, rinse, repeat ending with Mark Wahlberg again. :)

    If I had to have 5 different ones, I'd have to think on the other 3.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Yeah, I'd totally pick Sawyer over Jack. Jack needs to chill out. Someone so high-strung would probably be lousy in the sack. Someone like Sawyer, however, with his what-the-hell-ever attitude...ROWR. See where my mind goes? Sigh.

  11. Sue Wilkey said...

    Smoochiefrog- I totally forgot- Mark Wahlberg is HAWT.

    Back to Sawyer: Check out this awesome Sawyer vs. Jack youTube clip:


  12. Tenakim said...

    The 3 that have been on my list for about 20 years: Lenny Kravitz, Marky Mark (he's been on my list since that was his name),and Chris Robinson (Black Crowes- I know most people think he's gross, but it's a rock star thing) and the oldies but goodies: Brad Pitt & George Clooney- who wouldn't like to knit and drink coffee with them?

  13. Author said...

    Nice! I link surfed the comment wave to find your blog. I'm going to try to remember to do this on Monday, all though it might get me in trouble .....

    Oh yeah, gotta love Saywer! Hmm... I might prepare this one while I'm thinking about it. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Ali said...

    Another Lostie here! Kate is so totally out of her mind for picking Jack. Oh, well, that just frees Sawyer up for me!

  15. Insane Mama said...

    Whoa... Sawyer is mine, he came to me in my dreams last night and called me freckles. HANDS OFF!

  16. Anonymous said...

    Matthew McConaughey is just yummy...

  17. amanda said...

    seriously what is it about the way he says "freckles"???

    i sooo look forward to next season, just so i can hear him say it again and again :)

  18. Anti-Supermom said...

    This list is HOT. Does you husband read your blog, he might want to be aware of the men list 'just in cae something happens' :)

  19. Kaza said...

    What a great idea. Okay, now if I take the time to think then I'll never get it together to comment, so I'll just riff off of yours a bit... I LOVE the Lost men, so I can make a list just with them, but I'm not a Sawyer girl. I would love to be "lost" on an island with:

    1. Desmond (by far the sexiest!)
    2. Sayid
    3. Jack
    4. Jin
    5. Miles
    And I also loved Mr. Eko

    Sigh. I miss the show so much already and can't wait until it's back. ;)

  20. Keys to the Magic Travel said...

    Hmmm...not sure what it says about me, but I think the hottest guy on LOST is Locke :-)

    But...for a top five...
    1. McSteamy - Eric Dane
    2. Hugh Jackman
    3. Gerard Butler
    4. Clive Owen
    5. Goran Visjnic (Luka on ER)

  21. A Crafty Mom said...

    I quite like your list :-) I might throw in the guy who plays Eric on CSI Miami (yummy) and Patrick Dempsey - I loved him waaaaaaaaayyy back in Can't Buy Me Love!!

  22. Susiewearsthepants said...

    I have never seen that first dude before and OMG!!!! I would love to bring him to my house and never ever let him go.Kidding, just kidding. And I love me some Matthew. He is SO hot.

  23. OHmommy said...

    ummmm.... thanks for the eye candy!!! THANKS!!!!

  24. Marla said...

    First things first... I had a Duran Duran poster, and kissed it every day. I also did an air guitar contest to Duran Duran hungry like the wolf in Jr High with my BFF Jennifer Proctor. Her brother looked just like John Taylor and I had a SUPER HUGE crush on him. - top of my list... sting, since as long as I can remember, still have a poster of him at the age of 37 :)

  25. Heather said...


    If I put Mattie boy down 5 times, would that make it more likely to happen? Cuz I so would. Mmmmmmmmmmmm - I have loved him for a longish time.

  26. Megan said...

    Matt Damon.

    All 5 times.

    It's that serious. I have a problem.

  27. Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

    thank you SO much for the fabulous eye candy. Yes, there is something about the way Sawyer cares about Kate that is so endearing (and HOT!). My current five (they change often) are:

    1. Patrick Dempsey - any day, any way!
    2. Chris Noth (he can be my Big any day!
    3. John Travolta (love the cleft chin)
    4. Adrien Grenier (sexy and confident, love it)
    5. David Cook (caring, adorable, sexy gruff voice - love him!)

    Patrick is definitely my tops, the others aren't in any particular order! But I would never be picky if offered the opportunity to "knit".

    GREAT post!

  28. Ann(ie) said...

    Um, HELLO!! You have lovely taste my friend!! And I will be playing along. This might be a perfect post to create when/if Ben naps tomorrow. =) fun,fun,fun.

  29. Rebecca said...

    Hmmm did I forget to comment on these delicious hunks of men??

    I could not even begin with my 5 favs, I would have to sit and think for a while about that one.

    I used to love Duran Duran too (Simon Le Bon was my guy), and you know when I was living in England back in the day I lived across the street from a recording studio (in '89/'90) where they were recording something, I used to see them come and go from my window!!
    Unfortunately we also had to listen to all the annoying little girlies sitting there ALL NIGHT LONG carrying on and screaming and laughing, it nearly drove us mad!!!

  30. McMommy said...

    Patrick Dempsey.
    George Clooney.

    And they are fighting over me.

    Ahhhhhhhh....it would be HEAVENLY!!!

  31. Tonya Staab said...

    OMG HUBBA HUBBA CENTRAL over here today isn't it. I can't get past the images of your 5 gorgeous hunks of man to think of my own ... and I can't post on my blog seeing as my hubby reads my blog 4,572,362 times a day ha ha.

  32. Tyne said...

    Should I be looking at this? Did I just turn off CyberPatrol? Just kidding

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