Graham is G-O-N-E

I can't imagine being DeAnna. My Hubby has said that he would have never found me if I'd been on the Bachelorette. Well, I haven't, wouldn't, and won't so...that's cleared up. But, to go and meet someone's family is huge. The emotional attachment to not only the men, but to their parents, or brothers, or their SON is a connection that is hard to dismiss so quickly.

D went to see Jesse first. On the slopes he watched her eat snow, then snowboarded with her, then carried her on his back as he shimmied his way around the slopes. This guy is making major points with her and is going about in a very cautious, but real way. His parents are funny, down to earth, and so loving, even sharing with D their hardships even conceiving Jesse. His humble abode and his slight OCD made Jesse even more likable. He's comfortable in his element. I'm cheering for him although I feel he's always will be the underdog.

Next, DeAnna traveled to Dallas to see Jeremy. I found Jeremy to be the least weird and awkward in his hometown, in his home, and with his brothers. He completely opened up to D about his parents and shared photos and even a personal journal he wrote as his mother was dying. (Tear Fest, whoa!) D referred to him constantly as the "perfect man" and even asked his SIL if there was anything he wasn't perfect at...and the answer was no. I see Jeremy's lifestyle and their shared bond something that would connect them in the long run. Hubby also mentioned something quite Freudian..."D looks like J's mother!" Hmm!?

Seattle was the next stop. Jason was bouncing with joy and anticipation as D arrived and when they both reached the spot where Ty waited, out poured the waterworks! Jason is obviously a wonderful father and D realized it. She commented on how easy it was to see a future with him already knowing how he feels about family, commitment, and love. Jason's mother was very real stating that she observed and felt the pain of Jason's first marriage as it dissolved. Hubby was concerned when D mentioned she wanted 3 kids before 30 as she's 26....well if Ty would count for one...2 more in four years is reasonable.

From the very start, Hubby stated, "look at her body language" when DeAnna met up with Graham. At first she was smitten all over again...but when she went back to the family home, everything changed. Graham's mother was honest about his history with girl's and not at all confident in the current relationship. What continued to be an infatuation on both their parts ended up being the death of them. In the drawn-out Dump of the Year, D pulled out the Psycho Eyes (as Hubby put it) and whined that Graham was just too bottled up for her liking.

*I'm sorry but Jesse was totally Miami Vice'n it at the rose ceremony, and that hair!

So the previews for the next episodes are all about the "communal suite" opportunity and Jesse is edited to say he may wait to meet her father first before any of that goes on. Is he for real?

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  1. Brittany said...

    Ok, i watched this for the first time ever last night, so my reactions may not have a lot of merit, but I liked Jesse best, he seemed the most real. Jason just seemed like a good friend, Jason....ugh...seemed so fake to me. I mean, it was like watching a Lifetime movie. Who plays leapfrog in the yard...with the entire family...on national television?! And Graham...I have mixed feelings on this, because Graham is my husband, completely. Silent, reserved, not sharing feelings, I am married to his emotional clone. It took me 8 years to break through the barrier, and then we got married, things improved, but he is still not a feelings sharer. I kinda felt bad for her last night. Loving Graham would in no way fit into the production schedule timeline.

  2. Tracey said...

    You wrote about everything I did....I was glad to see Graham go and I think Jesse is next. I think we're twins separated at birth!!

  3. Indy said...

    DeAnna seemed to really be into Graham. But, they would have had one of those crazy, fight all of the time, romances. She is better off to let him go.

    And you are right, Jesse's hair was totally Miami Vice. And, DeAnna's eyes are a little psycho. Good name for it.

  4. duchess said...

    Thanks for the update - I haven't been able to watch lately.

  5. Unknown said...

    Just to be the next to be with you.......

    Oh wait, I'm suppose to be commenting not singing. I got distracted, LOL.

    Graham was cute and great as a boy toy, but was never going to be the husband she wants. He has a lot of maturing to do. Jessie is a doll, but I'm rooting for Jason. Jeremy, he's just so perfect that somethings not right.

    I think her and Jason fit. They really looked like a family when they were in Seattle.

    Oh, and I have a HUGE girl crush on Deanna. It may be our southern bond, but she's such a hottie!

  6. Jill said...

    I've never seen the show... this season I mean... so I'm feeling a little out of the loop.

    This was a good recap though - I may even be able to follow along next week!

  7. Anonymous said...

    I am so glad Graham is G~O~N~E...
    I still like Jason best and I know the whole leap frog thing was a little wierd but he still has my vote.

  8. Unknown said...

    I am sad that I have not had time to get into it this season, at least I can get the updates though right LOL.

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  9. Marla said...

    funny... just like comment #1 i watched this for the first time ever last night... no idea why... i have too many other TV addictions and need to keep it down... what was up with that drawn out goodbye thing... holy whiner! I haven't watch this since Trisha and Ryan so this boodbye took me by surprise. Not sure I can watch again, but thanks to my cyber stalking of you I'll know what happens

  10. Anonymous said...

    Aw. I was sad to see Graham go. I really feel like she thinks Jeremy could provide the "perfect" life but that she doesn't feel the spark.

    Jason, likewise, is a safe bet because it's a ready-made family. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that she ends up with Jason though. A few things she said on DeAnna tells all made gave me a hunch.

    Jesse just isn't her type but he is fun and sweet and maybe a good bet for the next Bachelor.

    Graham though, I think she made a huge mistake letting him go. The way I see it he was a real guy who had a hard time dealing with the TV aspect of the whole thing. I think that had she chosen him, she would have been most happy in the long run. Granted, things might not have progressed as quickly as she wanted for them too, but then again, real life never does go according to our schedules.

    I seccretly hope she has a break down and invites back Graham back.

  11. Clare said...

    OK, I was dying to see what you would write about the bachelorette today! I was screaming when she chose Jason over Graham. He was such a jerk at the end of their date when he just said, "Well, good luck!" What an idiot. I felt like she was the one dumped just at the end of their date. He hardly kissed her good bye.

    I am totally smitten with Jason!!!! I soooo hope she choses him, he just seems so great! I don't know about Jeremy, he really opened up, but there is just something about him that I am not sure about. It did say in one of the pieces that he works really long hours, I think that would be hard for D. She seems like such a social person, and would be bored waiting at home for her man. Jesse I am still on the fence about...

    Can't wait for next week, and I couldn't believe the little preview with Jesse. My husband doesn't watch, but walked in at the end and he was laughing at Jesse. Thanks for your blog! So fun!

  12. Genny said...

    I love seeing your new designs when I stop by your blog. Too cute!

  13. carrie said...

    Obviously, being from the Seattle area, I'm voting for Jason!

    Jesse reminds me of Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He'd be fun, but I can't see the attraction.

    Jeremy is sweet, but I think the fact that he said he "needed her" is a big GIANT red flag. You don't want to be w/someone just because they "need" you, that is too much responsibility (for another's happiness). He should learn to be happy on his own before trying to be in a relationship. . . even if he seems perfect. Plus, I don't think there are enough real sparks between them, despite their shared pain of losing their mothers.

    Graham = hot, but yeah, better for a fling or a boyfriend right now.

    Jason is real, a good guy, hot, has a connection w/her, same goals and basically is the whole package and more! GO JASON!

    Sorry for writing a book about it! I was just so happy that I finally got to watch an episode on tv, instead of waiting and watching it later on the internet! :)

    Love your re-caps Jen!

  14. Ann(ie) said...

    I want Jason TOOOOOO! I loved the recap. They went to the park I walked around about a billion times when I was "training" (hehe and I say that loosely) for the three day walk. Plus, I love sweet Jason. I felt so sorry for her but letting Graham go was a good call. She's better off. I was so impressed that she had the guts to do that. I really like her!!! GOOO JASON!

  15. Kate said...

    Buybye Graham...he couldn't cowboy up I'm afraid....and holymotherdrawnoutdramaending!!!

    Ok, something IS indeed F-RRR-EAKY about Jeremy....cut bait and RUN D!!!

    Jesse, I was pretty impressed with him and his parents this episode. Hmm...who knows?

    I'm STILL totally picking Jason for her...oh my gracious, him and his little boy??!!!! Tear Alert!

  16. Tena said...

    I agree, Jesse is the total under dog, but he is still the one I am rooting for, mainly becuase he seems the most real, and I love that he hasn't changed himself because of this show, he is very much... what you see... is what you get! Love that! I guess my runner up would be Jason. Jermey and the whole perfect guy just seems to put on, time to enter the real world, kwim?

  17. ugagirl30 said...

    Okay, I totally picked up on the mom resemblance. In some way, I think Jeremy is trying to get his mom back. I think that he sees alot of his mom in DeAnna and that is what is making him so attached to her.

    Jason is my pick. I love Jason and I love Ty. I totally cried my eyes out at their goodbye.

    But Graham. Gorgeous, gorgeous Graham. And his emotional issues. I soooo would have liked him back in the day.

    Jesse is just friend material. He's someone cool to hang out with.

    That's just my take in all my expertise.

  18. Kaza said...

    I'm caught up on the show now so I can read your Bach' posts. I know, she did have chemistry with Graham, but I was so proud of her for letting him go. It just should NOT be that hard at the beginning. I think she's got a great shot at a better relationship with any of these others, but my fave is Jason for husband material. (I've liked him from the get-go, but then his family? The greatest. And Ty? Forget it, too sweet.) But, is she ready for him?

    The real question is, how did her chosen guy react when he saw this week's episode and her interaction with Graham at the end?

  19. Eve Grey said...

    DAMN, I can't believe I missed all this! I saw the first ep only & totally planned on watching the series & forget EVERY TIME it's on. It was so cool to read this & see who is still on. I must write myself a reminder!!!

  20. Amy said...

    I am sooo loving this season of The Bachelorette, and my choice for her is Jason also!

    I found you thru another bloggers comment page, and I added you to my subscriptions. I love your page and enjoyed reading your stuff and seeing your great pics. I am fairly new to the blog thing, but I look forward to reading more of your stuff. please stop by and say hello!

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