Crazy Eights

Hairwrecker challenged players to this meme, so I thought i'd give it a go! Oh and I changed it up a little....I'm daring like that.

8 things I have a passion for:
--Eating...well if you've seen me, you understand.
--writing. I never thought I was a good writer. I'm not by any classroom-standards, but I enjoy what I have in my blog.
--being fair, just, and honest. I'm not a cheater, I don't ask for a lot, I just want everyone to be happy and allowed the same treatment as anyone else.
--my camera, duh.
--chocolate. It makes me THAT happy. During PMS, a difficult time, or when i'm at my happiest, chocolate makes everything just a little better!
--my computer. Duh, my friends live in it.
--love. It feels good.
--getting the mail. New and exciting everyday (except Sunday and federal holidays). The bills always suck, but the magazines, letters, and invitations are fun.

8 things I want to do before I die:
--see a live volcano
--watch my children get married
--be a grandma and spoil my g-kids ROTTEN
--write a book
--be on Wheel of Fortune
--get a massage
--take a relaxing vacation
--win a photo contest

8 things I say alot:
--oh my god!
--use your quiet voice
--do you have to go potty?
--I don't know, what do you want for dinner?
--use nice words

8 movies i've seen (at least) 8 times:
--Sixteen Candles
--The Breakfast Club
--Shawshank Redemption
--Steel Magnolias
--Finding Nemo
--Old School
--Billy Madison

8 drinks I enjoy
--iced tea
--bottled water ice cold
--Dr. Pepper
--Corona Light with lemon
--white wines (duh)
--Midori Sours

8 things I don't qualify as edible, but are:
--placenta, especially if it isn't yours!
--raw fish, cooking at least rids of some of the smell doesn't it?
--raw eggs, the consistency is gag-worthy
--anything "tar tar" gross and bloody
--belut (fertilized duck egg, partially formed)...remember Survivor? It's a delicacy some places!
--nads, nards, giblets...enough said.
--tripe or pigs grandparents and parents put this in gack!

Feel free to try this on your blog...and if anyone wants to share more disgusting things that shouldn't be edible, put them in my comment section!

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  1. Texasholly said...

    Oh I have always dreamed of being on Wheel of Fortune...if they ever have one of those special team weeks for people who read each other's blogs but have never met in real life...we are totally doing it together.

  2. Sarah McBride said...

    a thing thats edible but shouldne be: POI.
    like eating wallpaper paste.

    love your 8 things!!

  3. Sue Wilkey said...

    Hey Jen- I hope you got my profuse Thank You comment for the award yesterday? the comments still say "0"...oh wait- are you away or something??? Hmmm -my brain is recalling something about you saying you had posts prepared......

    Well just to recap my 3 communications to you yesterday: #1: The award made my cry. (literally)
    #2 So many of my de-lurkers yesterday said they came from you: so Thank You. And #3 - (@ Mom Bloggers) I love all your song choices but I turn it down so I can concentrate on your post (my brain can't handle both.)

  4. Tracey said...


  5. Alice said...

    Your passions seem to be my passions except with regard to that whole writing thing. I've never had a love for writing although I have lots of stuff in my head. It would just be easier if I could dictate to someone!

  6. Caroline said...

    LOVE this list! Sixteen candles (or anything by John Huges is AWESOME, fer sure!) OK, I am a picky eater, so everything on your list I would never touch...and I could go on for days with all the things that should not be put into peoples mouths! One thing I see missing is "sweetbreads" they are not sweet nor is it bread...can we say sheep glands??? Are the French really that refined??

  7. Mrs4444 said...

    We have much in common, my friend. Hope you're enjoying your time in Tahoe!!

  8. Heather B. said...

    Oh what a great list!!! However, you really made me GAG for real when with the edible but not, section!!! Especially with the Menudo one.

    Oh my I think I need to vomit now!!! LOL!!!!

  9. Pam said...

    ummm it's actually spelled BALUT(thinking that's just a typo). and being half filipino, i do not eat that crap. not even my mom. that is just the most disgusting thing ever. just thinking about it makes me wanna hurl. lol i have eaten pickled pigs feet before...but i'm thinking 'what the hell was i thinking to eat that stuff back then?'

  10. Scary Mommy said...

    I ate cow testicles in France thinking they were mushrooms. I'm seriously scared for life!

  11. John Deere Mom said...

    Okay, the placenta is really gross. But the computer..."Duh, my friends live in it." Too funny!

  12. Anonymous said...

    Wow, we have the same taste in movies. Isn't it a shame that ShawshanK Redemption has such a bad title. Such a great move and so underated.

  13. flickrlovr said...

    I stole it from ya:

    Hope you're enjoying your vaycay!

  14. Anonymous said...

    How in the heck did you think of that?

  15. Anonymous said...

    *Cough cough hack* You've NEVER had a massage!!!??? Get out here to my resort, girl, and I'll hook you up with a free one! Sheesh!

  16. Kaza said...

    Ooo, can't wait to try this one myself. I love memes. I'm a white wine gal as well, and have been meaning to tell you that I too am tempted to buy by the label and love that one you have up there (the label, have never tried the wine). I had forgotten about Midori sours, an old fave drink! On the last category? Marmite. I do not understand how anyone finds that stuff appealing, much less edible!

  17. LuckyMe said...

    You mention belut and pigs' feet. Are you Filipina?

  18. koala brains said...

    Natto, Japanese fermented soybeans, don't qualify as edible but are. People love them or hate them and I'm the latter. Seriously, this stuff is NASTY. It's slimy and smells & tastes rotten. I remember picking a bean with my chopsticks and a long string of slime stuck to it. Ewwwww!!!!

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