Need a Little Funny Today?

Have you ever watched Flight of the Conchords?

This show makes my Hubby just belly-laugh and I laught at and with him.

The folk-ish 'band' is Bret and Jemaine, they are single, simple, and just trying to catch a break in the music business. The New Zealanders find a goofy manager (comedian Rhys Darby) and ONE fan, Mel who is married, but completely obsessed with the guys. The show has one season so far that is playing in re-runs on HBO.

Turn my playlist to stop and watch this clip.

A quickie with Stalker Mel.

So I'm glad I can aid in the loss of brain cells enlighten you today. You're welcome!

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  1. Cheryl Lage said...

    Brain cells are over-rated! Always good to start the day with a little funny! ;)

  2. Sue Wilkey said...

    OMG I love FOTC - "Business Time" is my favorite song. They're like the new Spinal Tap.

  3. Ali said...

    Darn you Mom! I was supposed to be out the door 15 minutes ago! LOL

  4. Anonymous said...

    Ah, i love Flight of the Concords. I sorta have a crush on the one with the glasses. Okay so not sorta - it's a huge major crush.

    That is my favorite skit!

  5. Kelly said...

    oh yeah, I added you to my blogroll..m'kay!? :)

  6. LiteralDan said...

    I want to watch this show badly-- I've watched/listened to a lot of their songs, and I think they're just hilarious. Maybe I'll rent it on DVD when I know I'll have a chance to watch it all.

  7. Angie McCullagh said...

    I haven't seen it but it sounds like all kinds of fun!

  8. Swirl Girl said...

    Oh my god! I think you, your hubby, me and my hubby and our friend John were the only ones who watched this show!

    It was so absurd that needed to wear adult diapies when we watched.

    My favorite was the one where they learned about flippin the bird!

    and the words and visuals with the music is truly so funny...I think too intelligent for most of middle america.

    I totally got it each and every week.

  9. Wendi said...

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kaza said...

    We love, love, LOVE this show. My husband does laugh much harder than I do, so I agree that half of the entertainment is watching him crack up. We had to cancel our movie channels to save some cash though, so haven't seen it in a year.

  11. Ann(ie) said...

    I love love love flight of the conchords!!!!!

  12. Ann Harrison said...

    I'm so happy that you like them too!
    And you are so-o-o much cooler than me. I had to find out about these guys from my twenty-something niece whose up on all things worthy of knowing. (That's what she calls it.)

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